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6th January 2013, 16:04
Hi folks,
I don't know if you're aware of this project, but finally Loriano Pagni has finished it's new case inspired to glorious Amiga 500.

If you don't know this amazing project, this is the link to Loriano's page, where are also showed his other past projects (i.e. the Minimig case):


Now it's time for Loriano to decide if going for production or not, he needs at least a minimun order of 50 cases before starting production. The price for 1 case will be 259 + P&P, with this price you'll buy the case and it's components as shown in this video:


The case will be available in black or white colour, in Loriano's site you can see some pics of the first prototype of his case in white (just to give you an idea of how it will be white).

This is another video about assembling a mini-itx based computer inside the X500 Plus:


Personally I'll put my Sam460ex in the Loriano's case in order to run the last AmigaOS in a perfect Amigan case and to complete the work I'll apply a sticker with Amiga's first logo as the one showed in this pic, that I've retouched last night :)

If any of you is interested in purchasing one of this cases, please contact Loriano in order to place your interest/order. You can find his e-mail address on his site ;)

Please keep in mind that Loriano will need prepayment of the case to get the money to buy the components of the case. Once ordered all the components Loriano will assemble by hand each case before shipping it, so it will take some time.
Loriano plans to sort the components by February and start shipping the completed cases by March/April if the right amount of orders will be reached.

Regards :)

6th January 2013, 16:08
It's really nice case


Price discussion are not allowed on AmiBay.

Amiga Forever
6th January 2013, 16:17
So it just buying Case itself only? :wooha:

6th January 2013, 16:27
Case plus peripherals. You put the mini-itx mobo of your liking.Don't forget it's a custom made case and a small run production hence the price.

6th January 2013, 17:21
Case + keyboard + Fractal Design silent 40mm fan + flash reader + notebook CD/DVD, all in matching colours.

Without the accessories the price will fall, but the correct keyboard might be a challenge to find.

6th January 2013, 17:46
Yes, rkauer is right.

It's an amatorial project and Loriano in the past years sold all the amiga stuff he owned to realize it and also 2 cars.

The price stated is sufficient to cover only the manufacturing outgoings for the case, he doesn't want to earn the money spent until now, but his goal is to make happy some nostalgic amigan like me :p

But if he doesn't reach the minimal number of orders no one case will be product :(

7th January 2013, 21:51
I think it looks great, fantastic for a multi-platform emulator, or even a family windows machine [just add mouse and screen - would be nice here].

7th January 2013, 21:58
I'd be easily interested for my ZOTAC HTPC... :cool:

12th February 2013, 22:57
Sadly Loriano didn't collected enough orders to start the production of X500 Plus, so the only way to realize the project is going to kickstart.

In the meanwhile Loriano apported some little invisible modifications to the case in order to make it cheaper. Also he added some bonus features.

Kickstart will begin in few days, though you're not interested in buying one case you could make a little donation helping the realization of this amazing project :)

I'll let you know about Kickstart as soon as it will begin ;)

13th February 2013, 01:12
Looks nice, maybe he can produce some vinyl wraps that give similar look to put on minimig case and sell even more


Price discussion are not allowed on AmiBay.

13th February 2013, 01:29

I have cleaned up this thread and have edited and removed post(s) that comment on price.

This is AmiBay, if you have a concern about the cost of something - please contact the seller in private. Price discussions are not allowed


There is no need to justify a price in AmiBay, it is what you state it is, it will either sell or it wont, that will be the deciding point. Please pass on my best regards to Loriano as I have appreciate his work and I wish you both the best of luck with the kick-starter project

13th February 2013, 19:01
Please pass on my best regards to Loriano as I have appreciate his work and I wish you both the best of luck with the kick-starter project

Thank you Zetr0 :)

I really hope that the goal of kickstarter will be reached and this amazing project finalized :)

The amount of money requested is not so high, so everyone in Amiga community could give his little contribute to make the case happen :thumbsup:

15th February 2013, 22:12
The Kickstarter has begun :)


But now this thread can be closed, tomorrow I'll open a new specific one to present the kickstarter project.

In the meanwhile any help received from you for the realization of this project will be very appreciated :thumbsup: