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6th January 2013, 17:05
I'm having a little clearout and as a result, I have the following for sale.

A ZX Interface 2 Expansion - 10 sold to owen2471

Another ZX interface 2 (photo pending) 10. Sold to schombi

Hungry Horace Game Cartridge 18 SOLD to K6DUDE

Horace and the Spiders Game Cartridge 18 18 SOLD to K6DUDE

JetPac Game Cartridge 25

Pssst Game Cartridge 25 sold to owen2471

Cookie Game Cartridge 25 Sold to owen2471

Planetoids Game Cartridge 18 sold to schombi

None of the games have boxes and are as per photos.

All have been tested working as per the photos on my Speccy 128. They work on any SINCLAIR variant of the Speccy and on the grey +2. They don't work on the +2A/B or +3

I am open to near offers if more than one cart is bought. If the interface hasn't already been sold, I'll throw it in for free if you buy all the ROMS.

Postage per ROM will be 1.99 UK - not much dearer for EU. I only want to sell to the UK and EU for now. 3 for Interface 2

Payment by PayPal gift or buyer pays fees

Thanks for viewing

6th January 2013, 17:16
Hi there - I'm not registering interest but could you confirm (or amend) that the Interface 2 is 10 on it's own? As it stands - to me it looks like the interface comes with cartridges...



6th January 2013, 17:23
Modded slightly - hope that's clearer :thumbsup:

6th January 2013, 17:24
Ideal - thank you and good luck with your sale :)


6th January 2013, 18:21
I'm interested in the interface 2 plus some Roms pending pm answers.

6th January 2013, 18:23
Declaring interest, sending PM.

6th January 2013, 18:36
Both pms answered

Both want pssst and cookie, so will be sold in order of post.

Both want interface two so I have offered an unlisted interface two to 2nd
Poster. Hope that is ok. Will post pic of 2nd interface two. It will be tested and working before sending!

Just awaiting confirmation pms

6th January 2013, 18:49
Payment sent for the 3 items.


6th January 2013, 18:51
Payment of 58 received from owen2471. Thanks. Will post tomorrow.

6th January 2013, 19:26
many thanks.

6th January 2013, 19:54
Payment received for interface 2 and jetpac from Schombi. Thanks

9th January 2013, 10:20
Significant price drop on 3 remaining carts....

14th January 2013, 15:30
PM sent.

14th January 2013, 21:27
pm sent with intention to buy both horace roms.

14th January 2013, 21:30
Both PMs replied.

15th January 2013, 10:49
Planetoids rom....interest declared, with intention to buy.


15th January 2013, 10:50
Payment received off K6Dude for both Horace ROMS

Payment received of schombi for Planetoids ROMS

Both sets of items will be despatched on Friday when I return home.


15th January 2013, 10:55
Did Schombi declare interest in Planetoids?

Apologies, did not realise. just seen his "PM sent" post before mine.



15th January 2013, 11:00
He declared by PM and paid about 5 mins before you declared interest!

I updated the post as soon as I could.... :(

Sorry for the confusion,. I have refunded your additional payment.

Typical - the post has been up ages and all this interest in 5 minutes lol - it's just like t'other bay.

All items of this thread have now been sold.

15th January 2013, 11:19

All is clear in our rules

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24th January 2013, 21:17
Both Horace ROMs arrived today, many thanks.
Feedback left.


31st January 2013, 19:04
Planetoids ROM arrived today, thanks very much! :) Its been a pleasure making business with z3spacial. Feedback left.

Royal Mail seems to bring goods to the continent by walking the Euro tunnel. Stamp says "Jan, 19th" :coffee:

21st February 2013, 09:12
ALL ITEMS NOW SOLD - MODS Can you mark as such ? - THANKS