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Magno Boots
7th January 2013, 03:01
Catweasel Mk4 PCI floppy controller

I have decided to part with this hardware as I intend to upgrade my PC.

I have used this to copy and write unprotected Amiga adf's without problem using Windows XP (cannot vouch for Vista/7 etc)

Used successfully as a mouse and joystick adapter to play games within WinUAE and Vice.

Original packaging included.. cables (discoloured), installation disk, low profile backplate and instructions.

I will include a newer version of drivers on CD as these are superior to those originally provided.

I can offer limited advice on PC installation, but no advice on installing on Amiga OS4 machines

plus postage
via Paypal or Bank Transfer
UK and Europe only

6.35 Special Delivery UK
9.37 Airmail Europe signed for

No swaps nor offers please


7th January 2013, 07:10
Declaring intrest in the name of my friend.

17th January 2013, 21:00
Interest withdraw as my friend does not have spare money at the moment.

27th January 2013, 09:10
Declaring interested, PM send payment issue.

Magno Boots
27th January 2013, 14:35
Item reserved for superbonio as per agreed payment date discussed via PM.

29th January 2013, 20:49

Could you tell me if the Catweasel you owned could read Amiga program disks, or just files from amiga disks.

Thanks before hand.

PS If it hasn't sold, I would be interested and I would pay shipping

Magno Boots
26th February 2013, 03:48
Item back on the marketplace with price reduction.

26th February 2013, 05:13
Declaring intrest, pm on the way.

26th February 2013, 16:23
Payment sent :wink:

Magno Boots
26th February 2013, 17:10
Payment received :)

Magno Boots
27th February 2013, 17:08
Item posted and tracking supplied to buyer.

6th March 2013, 20:54
Recieved Saturday and tested today, this is really easy! :)
Just startup the reading tool, read the disk, save it as whatever.adf and your done.

Really well packed also.

Feedback on the way :wink:

Magno Boots
7th March 2013, 00:17
Many thanks for confirmation of delivery.

Feedback left on both sides :)