View Full Version : Closed Netgear MA401 pcmcia wireless card (WPA2) for Amiga 600/1200

7th January 2013, 08:08
Netgear MA401 PCMCIA wireless network card for Amiga 1200/600 with firmware ready to be use with WPA2 (with the last prism2.device from Aminet).
The card is tested (WPA2) and work perfectly on my 1200.

Asking 27 Euro + shipping

8th January 2013, 22:47
interested send PM with offer

8th January 2013, 23:36
interested send PM with offer

I am second in line.

Amiga Forever
9th January 2013, 00:06
:interested:- thirds in line :)

9th January 2013, 09:02
PM replied @paalrosen, waiting for reply.

9th January 2013, 15:10
PM replied @paalrosen, waiting for reply.

reply is made


9th January 2013, 21:21
Deal agreed with @paalrosen

10th January 2013, 00:01
Deal agreed with @paalrosen

Hey do you have another card ready for sale? I have one like yours but the firmware not updated or anything, can you fix it for me so it will work with A1200?

How much would it cost to do that?


12th January 2013, 21:14

If the card is working, I can update it for you if you wish. For free.
I sent you pm. Regards

13th January 2013, 04:14
firmware can be found here
Adapters - wireless Adapters -- MA401
you can click Continue without registering unless you really want to give ya dets out

now where was that dell/compac w110 thread as am fairly sure its the same card

13th January 2013, 07:01
gseb is a very nice guy :thumbsup:

13th January 2013, 07:37
@Rakeim132 Thanks :)

As I wrote on the compaq wl110 thread, the wl110 has not the same chipset as the ma401. wl110 is impossible to flash with the ma401 files...

From wl110 thread (http://www.amibay.com/showpost.php?p=406587&postcount=11)

13th January 2013, 10:22
yep I came to a similar conclusion, must have been some other card with 111 in its name, though I havent completely given up hope yet, time to plat with my netgear card .....

13th January 2013, 12:06
Theoretically, it should be possible with a wl100 rev A, maybe using a flash tool under dos to force the flashing process bypassing id check and other things....
If I can find one, I will try and keep you informed.

14th January 2013, 06:52
sounds good, tied the firmware update that I linkd to in post #10 but its older than the one on my card :picard