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8th January 2013, 21:33
all these items are listed on ebay as well
hi all
i have a few amiga and pc things for sale.

1. ISDN Blaster made by VMC i think it's working as it come up on amiga early boot menu screen as working but i could not get the card to work with MiamiDX so i am selling it as part working. 5.00 + postage and buyer pays the paypal fees.

2. Real magic dvd pci card made by sigma designs model 8300 series rev 1.0 i bought the card a while back thinking it that the drivers for amiga mediator busboard would have been developed but they have not sold it's time to sell, selling as untested. free just pay the postage postage and buyer pays the paypal fees.

3. Hp compaq laptop advance docking staion for NC6320 series + other series working and come with psu i bought this but i found it's to bulky and the usb don't worak if you are running on battery but ok when running on power pack working. 25.00 + postage and buyer pays for the paypal fees. Sold elsewere

4. 4cm 2.5 ide harddrive cable for Amiga A1200 A600 series 1.00+ postage and buyer pays the paypal fees.

5. Amiga 4000 fastlane Z3 scsi card rev 2.2 with 64mb of ram it is working however i find that i dose not like the elbox fastATA 4000 ide card install as it just hangs for a very long time it comes with software on floppy disk the backplate is missing so my advice is to buy a backplate for it to make sure it dose not come loose while it in your Amiga. 125.00 + postage and buyer pays for the paypal fees.

6. internal 50 pin scsi cable for upto 2 devices 1.00 + postage and buyer pays for paypal fees.

7. hp scsi 50 pin dvd rom drive working and 21cm long (front to back) 10.00 + postage and buyer pays for paypal fees.

8. Hp data 12/24GB DDS3 scsi 50 pin tape drive with 24Gb new tape. It working i think, it powers up and you can insert the tape and it reads it but i could not get it to work on my amiga with the fastlane Z3 card it saw it but could not mount it maybe it's just me, it has 1 of the 3.5 to 5.25 brackets missing and i cut some of the front bezel off as i put it into my Mirage 4000 Pro tower case which had a 5.25 cover but a 3.5 bay. 10.00 + postage and buyer pays for paypal fees.

9. Scan magic by DCE this is a scandoubler not a flickerfixer as i just bought this of ebay and the seller said it's and scandoubler and flickerfixer when I connected it up the screen flixers a lot when in high res interlace mode and the other problem is that there are grey lines going down the screen the seller told me that if i change my screen to 908 pixels per row the lines will go however my screen is not justable so the seller will not refund the money. how anoying!:( 50.00 + postage and buyer pays for paypal fees.

8th January 2013, 22:04
Item no. 9 is DCE Scan/Flicker Magic as it has the second board, unless there is a fault it should flicker fix too. It works with A1200 & A4000, Zetr0 made a nice FAQ post for it, a quick search should find that post.

With regards to the vertical banding, most LCD's behave like this with the DCE Scan/Flicker Magic, it works best with CRT Monitors, I tested one on a CRT and it was amazing but not so great on my LCD's...

Good luck with your sales.


8th January 2013, 22:15
thanks for the info but it 100% flickers so it must be faulty

8th January 2013, 22:32
thanks for the info but it 100% flickers so it must be faulty

It looks like it does have memory for flicker-fixer so maybe a dry joint on one of them or simple faulty memory IC

15th January 2013, 10:25
price droped

15th January 2013, 10:45
DCE scanmagic does only support PAL and NTSC resolution! Because of the less memory all other resolutions will flicker. The display quality depends on your monitor. I agree with Fitzsteve, try a CRT monitor and I am sure that you will be very happy.

Best regards


15th January 2013, 11:25
yea i only have tft monitor no crt

27th January 2013, 18:37
price drop

8th February 2013, 19:13
price drop

22nd February 2013, 19:53
plaese close this thread