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10th January 2013, 13:37
In the past months I've been building some Monitor Cables and noticed how many issues Miggy enthusiasts encounter when it comes to connect an Amiga to a Commodore, Philips or NEC Monitor.

Expecially when it comes to Commodore Monitors, there are too many variants to be counted: they support RGB through either DIN or D-Sub port. In both cases, some variants will only accept Combined Sync (CSYNC) while other ones strictly require connecting Separated Sync (HSYNC plus VSYNC).

The result is what happens more frequently: you buy an Amiga Monitor Cable and it does not work (screen flickers or there's no picture at all). It is also possible that you have been using for ages a Factory-Made Amiga Monitor Cable which outputs CSYNC, unaware of the fact that your Monitor is also capable of the higher quality offered by HSYNC+VSYNC.

I've been studying one by one Commodore, Philips and NEC Monitors and I'm able to offer a customized Amiga RGB Monitor Cable suited to your needs. You will not only avoid buying something that does not work (other Cables are oftenly marked for a generic range of monitors but even the common 1084 has more submodels than you can think of...); you will get the best quality out of both your Amiga and your Display Device.

Compatibility: Amiga 500, 500+, 600, 1200, 2000 and 4000
Availability: X6
Price: €18,00
Shipping: EU (€7,60);Outside EU (€9,80)

In order to receive the “Custom” Amiga Monitor Cable you only have to do one thing: tell me which Monitor are you using.


10th January 2013, 18:06
interest for one special cable - will sent pm...

13th January 2013, 18:25
payment sent for one cable...

7th November 2013, 03:52
Gday there. I've had a a hard time trying to get right cable. Ive got a A600 and 1084S monitor bought here in Australia but need the right cable. Are you still custom building these and selling them?

2nd April 2014, 22:51
Hi, could you build a EGS 28/24 Spectrum passtrough cable?


7th September 2014, 15:33
Are you still building cables?

7th September 2014, 15:57
Are you still building cables?

ge is no longer a member of AmiBay and as such I'll close this thread down.