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11th January 2013, 10:04

I'm thinking of replacing the Zorro & Video slots on my A4000T. I'm looking for a Daughter board I can take the slots from, something from one of the Tower conversions like Elbox or Micronik would be ideal as they will have enough slots.

I do however need one that has seen very little use, if you can tell me that you bought it as new and never used it (i.e kept as spare) that's what I want to hear :thumbsup:

Of course if someone has a brand new stock or Zorro slots or knows where I can buy them that would be fine also!



11th January 2013, 12:37
Hey Steve,

I've got a Mikronik 4000 6960 rev 4.0 that I have personally never used and appears to be quite...virgin. :) It's very clean and shows no signs of use or wear.

I intended to keep this since it appears it may fit in my RBM Towerhawk in case that daughter card inside ever dies, but who knows when and if that'll ever happen. I'd be happy to let this go to you if you're interested. I can take some pics later today for you if you like. Shipping from US to UK may be expensive unless I can keep packaging under 4lb (I will try my best on that).


11th January 2013, 19:05
Thanks for the reply, I'll let you know about the daughter board - as it happens after responding to the wanted thread about an A4000T I possibly have a sale! I will update asap :thumbsup:

13th January 2013, 00:45
A4000T is sold so no longer needed, thanks anyway esc :thumbsup: