View Full Version : Sold Hitachi 250GB SATA HDD (Used)

12th January 2013, 13:39
Form factor: 2.5"
Rotation speed: 5.4Krpm
Manufactured: March 2010
Condition: Excellent

Disk check: Passed, no bad sectors, secure wiped.

20 + Postage anywhere. Buyer to pay Paypal fees... that is all.

Postage in UK is 2.70 1st class/2.20 2nd class

12th January 2013, 16:21
Hi there Paul_s,

I would like to declare interest in this as it will be useful for storing films on for my Oplay! device (to watch them on TV etc) :)

PM on its way :thumbsup:

12th January 2013, 19:27
Sold to the man from Del Monte (Allen1)

16th January 2013, 17:25
Hi there Paul,

the drive arrived this afternoon and its working great. The packaging was pretty good too,that drive would have survived a drop from a skyscraper wrapped up like that :thumbsup:

Well I have lots of films to copy over to the drive so after a quick look around here, I will get started transferring them. Thanks for the great deal and speedy dispatch of the parcel, Feedback has been left so I am off to have a quick look before I get busy with the movies :)

All the very best says the man from Del Monte (Allen) :lol: