View Full Version : For Sale 1080p Media Player

13th January 2013, 00:30
I have a barely used 1080p Media Player in black, with a 1tb hard drive in it, along with a USB hard drive dock for easy file transfers (copy and paste)

The side door opens and it ejects the HDD for easy access.

The unit is called "Suno HD" its 30cm wide, 21cm deep and 5cm high

I've run mainly 1080p MKV files on it, but it plays AVIs, WMVs and god knows what else. Its networkable so can stream files too, although I've never tried this. Its only been used about 3-5 times and is in perfect physical and working order to the best of my knowledge.

It holds a normal PC hard drive but it is on offer with a 1tb Western Digital hard drive.





Player, hard drive, USB hdd dock and power cables

Looking for 120 ono or would swap for something interesting or a PS3!

Also advertised on Jamma+