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14th January 2013, 07:42
Hi all, a while back someone had an a1200 with a HxC installed and a nice bezel over the display to cover the case modding - can anyone please supply me with one for my a500?


15th January 2013, 00:14
That's not a Bezel.

That's just using a dremel cutting tool to accurately cut an opening on the Amiga, and fitting the board from behind so it is snug. Then, you just hot glue the backing to the underside, and it will stay permanently.

15th January 2013, 00:23
yeah the cutting a neat hole part is a lot harder than it sounds as the plastic melts when cutting it (even on the lowest dremel speed and using the thinnest cutting disc) and that is my a500 above & below:



I've seen others place a plastic bezel over the hole edges/display to make it look more professional and I just cant find the topics to see where they got them from. :(

15th January 2013, 00:25
have a look here



15th January 2013, 01:02
Thanks John, much appreciated. :cool:

EDIT, not quite what I need but getting closer.

15th January 2013, 01:19
did you also look at the accessories page?
There are some (maybe) interesting things.


15th January 2013, 04:50
did you also look at the accessories page?
There are some (maybe) interesting things.


I did but it's not what I want - Finally found what i was after using google image search and it turns out the project was on EAB, not AmiBay. :p


PS, looks like i should have been searching for an "LCD Frame", not bezel. :p

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Arrrrrgh! I found the one I need but 40euros shipping to Aus for something so small and light is extortion!!! :o


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I found a couple of other sites selling what I need but none are actually in Aus and all of them are charging insane amounts for shipping! :(

Are there any Germans willing to buy and ship 2x LCD frames (http://www.reichelt.de/LCD-Accessories/LCD-FRONT-2/3/index.html?;ACTION=3;LA=5;ARTICLE=42812;GROUPID=3013;artnr=LCD+FRONT+2;SID=12UPSw5X8AAAIAADxaPbIc693b00a07bcd0f1a51f6066b5bf90a8) to me and I'll pay you for them + postage?

15th January 2013, 05:38
Honestly, it isn't that hard to make the hole accurate. Just trace the lcd screen using a pencil, and then use the disc tool on a dremel to cut a bit smaller. Then when you got it square, just use the dremel edge to make the square opening a bit bigger (small bits at a time) until the LCD fits.

I also used an small xacto knife to get the corners straight.

Use a dremel disc to do the cutting. I've also done the same thing for CF flash card hole on my a600.


The other option is to cut holes for the cables, and then mount the lcd on the outside with screws.

15th January 2013, 06:27
That is how I did it but my hands aren't as steady as they used to be.

15th January 2013, 10:27
If you want a nice and tight fitting hole (no, I'm not aiming for the quote contest here ;)), don't use a Dremel. To create straight sides those cutting discs are just too small and you'll generally won't get a nice finish.

It's no problem to use a Dremel or any other kind of machine to remove the major part of the plastic, but for the final millimeter you can't get any better results than with simple handwork. Just use a file, some fine sandpaper (400 grit or something like that) and a little patience, and you'll end up with a perfect opening with straight sides :thumbsup: