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7th December 2009, 16:35
Back at my parents home I have an old c128d (metal enclosure), I bought it in the 90s from a second hand store for the price of a pizza, and after months of joy the 110v vs 240v switch was flicked in the wrong direction (probably bad in USA, very bad in Norway) and a poof later the computer was history.

I was on the phone with my old man the other day, and I've been digging up in old memories lately (transferring old video 8 tapes and so forth) - and he mentioned this computer sitting in the attic. I'm there to check it out in the christmas, but just to be ahead - what is the chance the motherboard is fryed and not only the psu? and how easy is it to get parts - or entire 128d's now? I'd love to either restore it or replace it.

7th December 2009, 16:44
I don't know much about C=128 (or C=64, for this matter).

But chances are that just the power supply get dead.

7th December 2009, 18:09
I have spare parts for a plastic 128D (unfortunate not known good)

7th December 2009, 18:23
I have spare parts for a plastic 128D (unfortunate not known good)

if its the psu, isn't the plastic and metal quite alike on that part? (I think it is the metal one, but it is some years since I last touched it due to the state it is in, so I could be mistaken).

Would be great if so.

7th December 2009, 18:47
Do be honest, i have never had any luck in repairing a full box sx64 nor 128D, they are extremely rare here, since nobody sees anything added value in them, even not in a 128 :huh:

For me a 128 is a good and stable machine since all brown C64 die at my place;;;:bowdown:

I never saw a metal one either.

But if we leave this toppic floating, someone will popup the answer.. It is at my parents home, so taking a picture is a little difficult.

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mine is in a taken apart state with very ugly discolering.

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Indeed there is a metal version


7th December 2009, 19:59

I have a few C128D units (the plastic kind). They have switching PSUs but no 110/240V option, they're only 240V.
One of them blew up once & I had to repair it, the C128 board was undamaged.

If the PSU in the DCR has proper protection, hopefully your board is intact.
In any case, its no different than any switching PSU & could probably be repaired by any electronics technician.
From what I remember, the parts were standard (I had to replace a transistor & a few capacitors on mine).

Good luck!