View Full Version : Closed A590 with CF Flash Upgrade + 2 Meg Fast Ram (NA power supply)

16th January 2013, 18:16
Since upgrading recently, i'm short of funds, and must get rid of some of my other gear.

Up for grabs is a modified Amiga A590 with the following:

Full 2 Meg Fast Ram Upgraded
SCM PCD-50B SCSI Card Reader integrated
512MB Flash Card
4.5 Amp 110V Amiga Power Supply with 4 pin connector
6.6 Roms

It is all tested and working with an Amiga 500. HD Tools reads the device as SCSI, and CF cards can be easily removed without tearing down the unit (for WinUAE transfers, etc)

This is using a 110V power supply, so keep that in mind for those outside of NA.

Album can be viewed here: http://imgur.com/a/XPw1U

Asking for $225 CDN + shipping + paypal fee/gift. PayPal only.

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Also wanted to add that the original fan was removed and this unit is completely silent. If anyone remembers, the A590 was a noisy beast with the fan and original SCSI drive installed.

16th January 2013, 23:21
PM with offers. I will respond if the price is fair.

17th January 2013, 04:25
Exactly the same setup I have with my A590 although I have the 7.0 ROM's/ATX adapter. The card reader is amazing and makes the 500 really useable :-)

Highly recommend this if you have a A500 :-)

18th January 2013, 14:25
Ok, so I have another offer to make on this.

I will trade the following:

Amiga 500 Rev 5 with HxC Floppy Emulator Integrated
Amiga 501 512Mb Ram Upgrade (battery removed)
Kickstart 3.1 Rom upgraded
Fat Agnus 8372a upgraded (to upgrade it to 1meg chip ram)
Amiga A590 (with Power Supply and the additional 2 Meg Ram on board and CF card)

I will trade straight up for an Amiga 1200 with an accelerator and 3.1 rom. No power supply needed. Don't care if it is PAL or NTSC. Must be in good shape with very little yellowing. I will pay for shipping on my end, and you will for yours. No other costs.

If interested, PM me and i'll post pictures.