View Full Version : Card Reader with A4000D

8th December 2009, 17:37
Is it possible to connect a card reader with an A4000D? If yes, how I can achieve that?

Also (as I don't want to open a new thread), is there any possibility to have PCMCIA slot like in A1200?

8th December 2009, 21:09
Card reader: yes, buy a Deneb then install the reader under the floppy in the front fascia. :)

PCMCIA slot: someone developed one some years ago. Darn expensive, development was abandoned, few units sold. :(

8th December 2009, 22:52
yep, DENEB is the way to go...

you could use an eBay ide->pcmcia adaptor like the one below, with a bit of hacking in the case, but it won't be hot-swap , so it would really be of little value...