View Full Version : Sold Genuine 3.1 Roms - A1200

17th January 2013, 21:10

I have a spare set of 3.1 Roms for A1200, genuine MX chips, not burns..

20 inc UK P&P + 2 overseas :thumbsup:

will take a pic if you need it :ninja:

18th January 2013, 09:24
Can I ask what are the advantages are 3.1 over 3.0 when if I install os 3.9 set patch soft boots 3.5 anyway.

Spent up ATM but would snap them up if I could.

18th January 2013, 09:30

I thought 3.1 were required to run OS3.5 & OS3.9 :coffee:

I can hold them for you if you can give me a date you can pay and keep to it :)


18th January 2013, 09:35
No the Amiga 1200 I brought to amimeet had 3.1 roms but I noticed while diagnosing hdd boot issues (where kick start screen would appear after 2nd boot)purple disk boot screen said 3.5 soft kicked. Just wondering why there is a need for 3.1 if 3.5 gets soft kicked anyway with set patch.

I get paid on or around 26th and would like these as I believe I need them for os 3.9 for my towered 1200. I just don't understand why I need them if 3.1 is replaced with 3.5 on boot up :-)

18th January 2013, 09:38
I can keep them till the 26th for you, no problems. :thumbsup:

OS3.5/9 do load some extra modules that's why it will show the Custom Rom revision but I'm certain 3.1 is needed as a base.

18th January 2013, 09:42
OK cool, if funds become available earlier I will let you know, you never know someone might buy the N64 bundle I'm selling cheap :-)

18th January 2013, 14:01
Sold to Sardine (part ex for N64) :thumbsup:

18th January 2013, 14:06
Thanks Steve .

18th January 2013, 16:10
Posted today :thumbsup:

22nd January 2013, 17:27
recieved thanks.

22nd January 2013, 17:33
Great stuff, I'll close this one down :)

I'll do feedback against the N64 since it was a part ex :thumbsup: