View Full Version : Sold playstation 1 + cheat cartridge + games

19th January 2013, 14:41
playstation 1 console,
memory card
tv wire , power wire ,
black dualshock2 controller from ps2,
cheat cartridge - on screen menu at startup -
games .... as pictured

urban chaos - boxed complete
r-types - boxed complete
air combat - boxed complete
pro pinball fantastic journey - boxed complete
silent hill demo - disc only
dino crisis - disc only
surfer - disc and instructions
gran turismo - disc only

20 free posted to uk , paypal , fees paid or gift.

19th January 2013, 15:51
more games added !:)

20th January 2013, 16:35
price lowered to 20 now !

27th January 2013, 16:32
price lowered to 20 + free uk postage:) final price .

4th February 2013, 13:23
bump !:)

4th February 2013, 13:46
please stop bumping your threads so frequently, it is against AmiBay's rules (http://www.amibay.com/misc.php?do=cfrules) on the matter:

Bumping your thread:
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thank you. :)

20th February 2013, 20:40
sold parts elsewhere.:)

21st February 2013, 01:17
Sold some parts elsewhere please mark as sold

21st February 2013, 01:25
Has all this gone or just some? If it's all been sold elsewhere please say and I will close for you.

Please bare in mind the 2 week bumping rule for your future threads as well. It's minimum 2 weeks between bumps unless there is a significant change to the sale ;)

21st February 2013, 05:03
Please mark as sold

21st February 2013, 08:09
Yes please mark as sold .