View Full Version : Sold MSX Toshiba HX-10

19th January 2013, 22:26
This is also surplus to requirements for me. An interesting little machine actually, well worth a play with.
This is a Toshiba HX-10, which was the only MSX model of note to make any headway in the UK.
It comes with the composite cable, joystick and games pictured which includes Alien 8. The cartridge isn't included, I'm keeping that for my MSX 2.

I'm looking for 30 plus P&P

19th January 2013, 22:34
Interested, PM coming shortly :)

21st January 2013, 17:30
Sadly I'll have to withdraw interest, good luck with your sale!

21st January 2013, 18:02

I'd be interested if it fits in the same package as the CD32, do you think it will?

Thanks and regards!

23rd January 2013, 23:03
Payment sent