View Full Version : Closed 8-bit ISA RS232 card wanted

20th January 2013, 01:37
Does anyone have a nice cheap ISA serial card? :huh:

I don't care what type, whether it's a multi I/O or just serial, as long as the serial part is 8 bit.

I'm really on a tight budget so I'm really hoping for something for only a few pounds rather than getting into double digits.

20th January 2013, 08:17
Let me have a look...

20th January 2013, 12:31
I also have some 8bit cards that are serial/parallel from what I know, I'll post a pic tomorrow in case it is what you want... but it's not sure 100% they could be some custom XT stuff too...

22nd January 2013, 15:11
I may have what you need. I'll need to look.

22nd January 2013, 15:57
oh dang, I forgot all about that... these are the cards I have, just in case you don't find anything closer to you:


(the bracket fits all cards btw, so you get one complete)

22nd January 2013, 17:09
dose it have to be 8bit or can it be a full 16bit card like the bottem 2 of keropis pic, actual I need sort through my isa cards so i might find an 8bit one yet, found an 8bit modem which is technically a serial card :p

23rd January 2013, 04:00
double post :picard:p
I see your cards keropi and I play

S Robotics Model 0159
Fairly sure this is a 2 port serial card
com1, com2, com3, com4, the TL16C550BN and 2 x 9pin D conectors are all clues

seems keropi has more 8bit cards than I have how about MCA :double