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10th December 2009, 10:21
This has turned into a bit of a holy grail for me.

For my 1200 project I'm looking for a slot loading, slim line (read laptop), CD ROM. If I was really pushing the boat out it would have a cream bezel.

I know that this particular combo is about as likely as pooping gem encrusted gold, but it's worth a try.

Anyone got anything that might fit the bill? I'm actually easy on the colour as I realise that there wasn't a particularly huge market for Cream laptops, I'm happy to get the spray paint out if necessary.

10th December 2009, 11:11
If I were you, I would be looking for a Combo drive from an Apple iBook G4 machine, for example the CW-8124C model. I have one of these slot loaders ready to put into one of my A1200s. They came in cream colour as well. The iMac G3 machines also had slot loading drives.

The only downside is they they don't have an eject button, but the IDEFix software has an eject utility so that you can get the disc out.

10th December 2009, 13:28
Nice Find! Thanks buddy, on the hunt now. :D

10th December 2009, 14:32
@Merlin: Is that the one I sold to you?

10th December 2009, 14:37
Yes, it is, although the picture isn't that exact unit.

The unit I bought from you is going into one of my A1200s over Christmas. I've already tested it and it works fine in my A1200. My plan is to carefully cut out a slot with rounded ends to match the Apple bezel, so that the slot is very slightly recessed. The JAE port is standard and works with any aftermarket IDE converter.

It should look very minimalist and extremely cool, as you wouldn't notice the drive at first glance on the A1200, but would as the CD glides smoothly out of the back. I don't think it will take as much desk space as a normal laptop tray drive.

10th December 2009, 14:38
Sweet! Glad it is being put to good use!

10th December 2009, 15:54
@ r0jaws

This is my plan and it may help you.

As I have said above, I intend to cut out a slot with rounded ends such that the drive bezel butts up against the inside rear of the A1200 upper case and looks slightly recessed. I have noticed that I will need to file the lower edges of the slot to match the upper rounded edges - that way I can drill a correct sized hole at each end of the marked out area and then cut between the drilled holes, filing the final slot smooth.

Then I plan to attach self-adhesive Velcro to the bottom of the keyboard and the top of the drive, so that I can attach the drive securely, yet allow for vibration, removal or adjustment of the position of the drive if needs be. From my measurements, the slot will be above the upper case edge, so that the drive can be removed with the upper case.

I'll take some pictures once I've got the case finally marked out for drilling and cutting. I hope I've explained it such that you can understand what I am on about.

10th December 2009, 15:59
one word of warning from someone that has done this job once or twice, be careful not to place the drive too far to the right (as you look at the keyboard) as it will sit above any trapdoor expansions and forces the card donwards resulting in a non booting miggy

cheers, JuvUK

10th December 2009, 16:33
That won't be a problem for mine, Justin; my plan is to fix the drive to the left of the keyboard connector. As I am using a CF card as a hard drive, there should be plenty of space for the drive, CF and IDE-Fix. If space allows, I would like to have the CF card mounted at the back with the card coming out of another small slot, for ease of removal or for file transfers from a PC.

10th December 2009, 16:37
yep m8y, that should do it!! :thumbsup:

10th December 2009, 18:43
Pictures would be ace. :)

I have been looking to get moving on my 1200 as it has come to a bit of a stuttering halt of late.

About the CF card, I was inspired by an idea I found on EAB to glue the CF adapter to the top of the PCMCIA port and cut a small slot directly above the existing PCMCIA slot.
I thought it was a rather neat and simple idea, But rather than glue I was looking at a way to secure it with some clips as the PCMCIA slot has a handy lip either side. The CF adapters also have screw points on them, so I was going to have a look at what I may be able to fabricate.

10th December 2009, 19:03

Simple hint: hot melt glue! Put a pair of screws in the CF adapter and put a generous blob of hot glue under they over the PCMCIA connector.

10th December 2009, 19:42
have this spare part: is now obsolete spare part because i do have 2 of them for a machine that is not in use:

do not know what is after the ibm contact thing to be honest

it can go for 10 EU -it might be better to look for the one suggested this one is in black with a blue button, and probably will open only a little in the back of an A1200

http://www.val-u-computers.co.uk/acatalog/ibm_t20_cd_dvd_cdrw.jpeg IBM Thinkpad T series 24X CD-ROM drive <snip> Ref: ibmt20cd
Internal 24x CD-ROM drive for Thinkpad T series, A series & X series laptops.

Suitable for the following Thinkpads:

T20, T21, T22, T23, T30
A21E, A22E, A30, A30P, R30, THINKPAD DOCK #263110U, X SERIES 440

Interchangable FRU/ASM Part Numbers: 05K9159, 05K9145, 27L3436, 08k9786,

Used or refurbished with a 3 month warranty.

Price: <snippetty snippetty snip snip>

10th December 2009, 19:47
@ jvdbossc

No prices apart from the asking price please....

That unit is a tray loading one and r0jaws is specifically after a slot loading one.

10th December 2009, 19:48
@jvdbossc ,
Thanks for the offer, but is that a slot loader?

genius! Why did I not think of that sooner? :)

10th December 2009, 20:05
did not know the difference in en language, just made an offer to help out.

Therefore did not recommend the offer, just wanting to offer an alternative oh so if I do not open a post to sell something, I cannot say the asking price?? I forgotten this already, well willing to adopt the rules, they might have a reason.

Do not have seen "just put the cd in" in laptops never... not on pc's anyway, and believe me I saw a lot of them :)

The next link, but it SATA and there do exist ide to sata, but it will not come cheap you probably end up with lot of conversion pieces.


it is in your country! Some confusing expl about it, would look up the type before you buy

10th December 2009, 20:36
@ jvdbossc

Acer have done a few laptops from their Aspire series with slot loading drives. The main manufacturer to use them was Apple, as slot loading drives have the "uber-cool" factor that Apple seems to like so much.

10th December 2009, 21:34
yes, I do like the apples, but to be honest, when I look at people who use apple they just wan't something that works.. (without technical stuff)

And for sure, it is ahead on that part(working).. (know about 8 people with apple, all people without technical intrest and creative people)

Amiga would have been on the same route, quite sure of it, look at the install of workbench 3.1 :thumbsup: Do not know any os that is that simple to install :D And look at the date it is released :)

The cool part is an aspect of course for apple:roll: But dedicated hardware and software who knows perfect what it is running on makes the difference.

The market is targeting everything, but nothing is supported properly, buy an hp printer for example with the software :whistle: