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29th April 2008, 20:45
All games 2.50 each and come with original disks and manuals.

if i recall P+P in the uk is 1.84 so please add this.

Open to offers too.
Batman the movie
Alien breed 2
Outrun europa
hyperbook personal info manager
viz the game
delux paint 3 with animation
graham gooch world class cricket
kids academy shop basket
microprose F1 grand prix
stfax prof version 3.8
sensible world of soccer
Altered beast 2
sensible soccer euro champions
F16 combat pilot
award winners platinum addition contains lemnings civilization and frontier elite 2
campaign 2
F17 challenge
GBH gold shoot em up construction kit
GBH gold nigel mansel world championship
war in the gulf
disposable hero
PGA tour golf
world class rugby
approach trainer
magic maths and the 3 bears
operation stealth
high energy 2 contains mystical , the light corridor. crazy cars 2, pinball magic and shuffle puck cafe
chaos engine
frontier elite 2
F15 strike eagle 2
F19 stealth fighter
PGA euro tour
desert strike return to the gulf

1st May 2008, 13:26
I'm appy to let these go for 25 the lot + P&P

1st May 2008, 16:16
If there are any you can't sell I would like to ask if you would consider donating them to classicamiga.com for us to scan the boxart and manuals in for the site. I would cover postage costs if needed for this. And once we had finished with them they would be offered back to AmiBay members for postage costs via the Recycle Bin.

1st May 2008, 16:21
Any that havent sold by next weekend i'll be happy to donate them. :D

9th July 2008, 01:33
I have decided to donate these games to Harrison and classicamiga for their resources....i'm happy that they will be offered to the recycle bin afterwards.

Can a mod please lock this thread?

9th July 2008, 01:40
tis done :)