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10th December 2009, 17:10
The A4000 d is almost ready know, the deneb usb is in there a dvd rom is in there, the catweasel is left out, it did disturb the ide, do not know why.

Upgraded with an orignal commodore 040 at 33 mhz in there . (had the 68030)

The indivision aga is in there.

The clockport of the deneb is not marked, will seek support to hook the catweasel up to the deneb clockport.

OS 3.0 is installed with OS 3.1 roms in, had damage to adisk but have them on pc anyway. (problem is my pc it's floppy does not work, windows is corrupt and linux does not initialize the floppy)

The hard disk is replaced with a cf, the clean bootup time is quick,quick! It shows the indivision aga screen and the, maybe 2 seconds!!! What a speed up with a cf! Do not understand why, tested the ide to cf with pc's and there was no speed difference... Slowdown would say...

Next big thing is to get more features, like higher res out the aga, the cdrom drivers

I even cannot install the deneb, because it says your tool installer not found.

Think I have an old laptop somewhere with XP on it an a working floppy on it.

What route is recommended? Get classic workbench ore amisys and use uae. (do not have windows at the moment and uae on linux it is not as good and does not take real hard disks, but I know it has support for real mounts..)

Or look for a guide how to do it myself?

How do you people do it?

10th December 2009, 19:03

well, in the wb installation floppy, there is a file named "installer" that is in C: , just copy it in the "C:" of your installed wb on the HDD, and all installation will work!

as for the deneb clockport question, I made you a pic - the arrow shows pin1 of the clockport :)


now for the OS questions, just use OS3.9 :) , you can hook up your hdd/cf in a pc, and make the installation easy via winUAE (in fact , you can easily install ANY os that way) . Another good alternative is ClassiWB packages , again easy to setup via winUAE

10th December 2009, 20:00
Found that old 233 mmx laptop with xp on it it has floppy and cdrom to start with... and xp...

Will play with it right away...

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Did not realise you answered more than one question oh so its like the hdtools, they do not get copied ... confusing.. :| Have to rethink about those times.. with hd's of 2O MB...

Remember in the past got them from aminet.

OS 3.0 offered a workbench partition of 8 MEG took 511 meg like said here many times by a user not to overdo it.

Strange it worked, had probs in the past with that, maybe because of the roms..

Just frustraded I got stuck because of a pc floppy:mad: Well looking for wireless drivers alreaydy to get on the net with the pc in xp.