View Full Version : Closed HxC Rev B to Rev C Upgrade Kit

20th January 2013, 18:36
Hey everyone,

I had one leftover chip from my HxC Rev B to Rev C upgrades, so I decided to put it in a kit to send it off to a good home. The kit contains 1 Chip, 6 Reistors, Two Capacitors, and two different size, short lengths of heat shrink tubing. Two of the resistors and one of the capacitors are spares in case you have trouble. :)

http://s9.postimage.org/i2j48090b/Hx_C_Rev_B_to_Rev_C_Kit.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/i2j48090b/)

$10 Shipped Worldwide


13th March 2013, 17:19
I've decided to just hold onto this in case I find a good deal on another Rev. B. Always good to have spare components anyways. :thumbsup:

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