View Full Version : For Sale 2.5" PATA/IDE Harddisks

22nd January 2013, 00:40
6Gb Drives 4+postage
1 x Toshiba
2 x IBM Travelstar

10Gb Drives 5+postage
1 x Toshiba

12.07Gb Drives 6+postage
2 x IBM Travelstar

20Gb Drives 9+postage
1 x Toshiba
1 x IBM Travelstar

60gb Drives 14+postage
1 x Seagate Momentus

Lots more to list - so keep checking back. All prices are either paypal gift or you pay fees. Postage to the UK 1.00, postage to Europe will be around 2.50.

Posting will generally be done on Saturday unless you have a specific need for quick delivery.

Cheers :thumbsup: