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12th December 2009, 01:58
I was just wondering what has happened to the A608 project?

Did all of batch 1 get shipped earlier this year? And what ever happened to the second batch? No updates on the official site since June it seems when I just checked.

I, along with quite a few other people have posted expressing interest in being put down to buy one, but we are all left waiting. I even sent Zetr0 a message at the time asking him to keep me updated on what was happening, but never heard anything back.

Any news and updates on the A608 would be great?

12th December 2009, 02:05
As far as im aware Harrison, Zetr0 is trying to get some info on having the boards produced in Europe but is having a little trouble.
Quoted from EAB yesterday:

the 25 unit batch is having the blank PCB's priced up to be produced in Russia. Alas attempting to produce these within Europe (due to track widths), its nearly 35 per board and thats before you populate it!... and that doesn't include the 150 tooling cost

Its getting there slowly,

Should have something concrete this month for production atleast in Jan, inbetween this I will have a protoype made with different routing so it can be produced in europe cheaper.

Alas I was hoping (as was everyone) this would be an off-the-shelf product to manufacture.. unfortauntely it has proven not to be the case.

I will be honest, if it wasn't for both the passion of Acidrain / LVD and those that have supported this project, my friend TheCorfiot and members of the 25 batch unit. I would of given up on this by now and refunded everyone..

I will admit these last 4 weeks have been a serious drain with a lot of factors in play and little project time.

You can view the whole thread over at EAB here (http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=44008)

12th December 2009, 02:34
Shouldn't the official A608 site really be used to keep everyone updated? Rather than just posting on EAB?

At least the project isn't dead.

When you say 25 batch, does this mean even the first batch hasn't actually been made yet? I thought that has already been shipped some time ago and customers using them?

If production of the PCB's is becoming such an issue, maybe contacting others who already have PCBs manufactured for their own projects might be a good idea, to see if they can get them made cheaper. The Amibay trader Amigamaniac for example does this and has had some very professional PCBs made for his projects.

12th December 2009, 03:37

I have not updated the A608 website at the moment due to have more than my fair share of work here. However, confirmed updates have been made to the a608-amiga.co.uk, and when I get more time with Acidrain this weekend I hope to have some good news.

If you think you can find a manufacture in europe (or that will ship to europe) that can (garauntee) produced PCB boards with less that 0.8mm track width and space for less than $10 per blank PCB + toolling cost the, you will have my ear...

The initial project was budgeted around a simple PCB board cost of $7.50 each... not $50 each.

Manufacturing process in Russia is different in the EU, both in lithographic manufacture and fault tollerance.

I have spent a gruling and very disheartening 3+ months trying to achieve just that, I have worked in the micro-electronics industry and know my way about, sad as it is to say.. there are very few people I get to turn to when I need help.

Anyway... what I dont understand is why you didn't PM me...

12th December 2009, 04:21
I did PM you quite some time ago on both here and the A608 site but never hear back. Maybe they got lost under the weight of other PMs. I also know there is information about the project floating around on various other forums and on here, but it is so fragmented and hard to find I thought it easier just to post a new thread asking what was happening with the project.

I'm glad to see it is still active and you are trying hard to find a manufacturer for the PCBs. I will make some enquiries for you about this and see what I can turn up. If anything looks promising I will let you know. After all it's in my interest too as I really want one of these. ;)

15th December 2009, 01:53
You probably have already tried them, but have you looked at http://www.futurlec.com/

They have a UK branch and can manufacture PCBs in any number from 1-1000 with no surcharges.

15th December 2009, 03:44

I do appreciate the help and support...

please be advised, that I have tried a lot of companies. futurlec is one of 20 or so companies I have delt with.

If you re-read my post here and on the thread on eab you will see WHY these companies cannot provide the product thats needed for the price that has been budgeted for.

I understand that you want to help, however I have been through nothing short of hell over the last 2-3 months trying to find a supplier of these boards for the price budgeted.

*takes deep breath*

Currently sourcing a manufacture in Russia to produce PCB's as they are too cost prohibitive to be made in europe.

The reason for this is the sub 0.200 mm track widths AND spaces between tracks, there is not a company that I have contacted that can produce these boards with these specifications with any garantee for any less than 35 per 'blank' PCB and a further 150 tooling cost..

With this in mind, I will have a new prototype produce in January that will be re-routed and provide a much cheaper (and quicker) manufacturing. but this will take time in testing.

In the mean time I will have the first batch of 25 units complete and distributed.

Its unlikely that I will have any more PCB's made in Russia, as I understand it, to export more than $300 of goods requires a very expensive business license that neither Acidrain or LVD could afford.

currently at pressent - only the PCB is needed, the rest has been done/paid or waiting on arrival.

Programmers - check
Memory - check
Unleaded solder - check
Manufacturing hardware - check
Sockets - check
Discrete components - check
25 Unit License - Paid

left out-standing - CPLD, 100 units from China, these will be here in the UK in January

Other than this batch I will probably only make new batches from the revised prototype -

... and yes that probably means another manual LOL!

Heres the proto-schematic (click here) (http://www.guildserver.co.uk/data_images/schematics/LVDA608MK3/A608-Mk3-PCM.PNG)

Have some work done in re-routing, however time is a crtical factor, I am hoping for more of it over christmas.

19th May 2010, 17:10
A608 25 unit order update here (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=2062&page=12&highlight=a608), here (http://www.guildserver.co.uk/forums/AmiDev/viewtopic.php?t=160) and here (http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=670589&posted=1#post670589)


19th May 2010, 18:16
Therefore if I declare interest in purchasing one them in one of the thread you linked automatically I will signed in the list for the next batch? :roll:

19th May 2010, 18:57
Therefore if I declare interest in purchasing one them in one of the thread you linked automatically I will signed in the list for the next batch? :roll:

And if I say "me too", will I also be in the right queue? :woot:

9th July 2012, 13:24
this is a very old thread, but ... what is happened to the a608 this days ?

9th July 2012, 15:08
... what is happened to the a608 this days ?<br />
They were spreaded around the world :)

9th July 2012, 15:37
you can read the post here

9th July 2012, 16:14
... what is happened to the a608 this days ?<br />
They were spreaded around the world :)


10th July 2012, 08:26
I use to have one. I sold it to replace for an ACA630.

Both are marvellous pieces of kit to have.