View Full Version : Sold Modded Sega Master System II with Everdrive

25th January 2013, 19:34
Hi all, i had decided since i have a Game Gear and a Megadrive, both of which can play Master System games i don't actually need my Master System II.

This is no ordinary Sega Master System II though (hehe). It has been modded with an AV port on the back, headphone socket on the front, a white LED in the slide power switch and a 50/60hz switch on the side. Also included is the Master Everdrive which is cased but has not had a custom label printed.

The console is in fantastic working condition and includes a Megadrive scart with seperate audio (hence the headphone socket) 1 controller, built in Alex Kidd game and of course the Everdrive cartridge.

The only downside to this is the power cable. It is not an original but is 9v and works with the console however it may need replacing as sometimes it loses power and i have to wiggle the cable slightly to restore power.

I am basically wanting to get back what i have paid out on this machine so am looking for 65 posted to the UK. Abroad are welcome to ask for a quote.


25th January 2013, 21:43
Declaring interest, just need to work out if I can afford it, can you give me a night to think?

25th January 2013, 21:46
Hiya matey, no problem. Just pm me when and if you're ready :)

25th January 2013, 21:47
Hiya matey, no problem. Just pm me when and if you're ready :)

Cheers mate, will be back in touch either way

25th January 2013, 22:50
I must add, this is a great deal for anyone buying it :)
...and for the buyer of this here is the link to Master Everdrive's support page , there is also an OS update (v5 atm , I see v4 at the pics)

26th January 2013, 04:00
Thanks Keropi, didn't realize there had been an update to the OS. I will update the OS before shipping anything to the new owner :)

26th January 2013, 23:54
Payment received from bobpard and master system sold. Will be sent by courier on Tuesday as agreed.


15th February 2013, 14:07
This has been received by bobpard but due to the issue with the PSU i sent a replacment.
This has now also been received and feedback has been left from me.

Feedback has been returned and all is done