View Full Version : For Sale Sega Dreamcast w/controllers, VMU - USA

28th January 2013, 04:12
Hi -

Have a Sega Dreamcast for sale here. Selling items as pictured:

- main Dreamcast unit
- 3 controllers
- power cable
- composite video cable

System works well, good shape.

Unit does prompt for the date/time when booted but has always done that since I owned it. Not sure if that's normal? If not, perhaps it needs a new battery.

I would like to sell this to a US-based buyer please. Price is $50 shipped.



30th January 2013, 19:34
Price drop to $50 shipped.

I have other extras I can include as well - PM for details.


2nd February 2013, 04:04
Item no longer available for sale.


2nd February 2013, 10:42
What a great price for a beautiful machine.

I'll close for you :thumbsup:

FYI, the date and time prompt is due to the internal battery not holding charge as it needs it to maintain the clock. These batteries are rechargable, and the issue would normally go away if you left the machine on for a few hours a day. Some people replace them though with CR2032 batteries, even though it really should have the rechargable identical counterpart, the MR2032.