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28th January 2013, 15:12
Hello all,
I have a Indivision A4000D / CD32 Board up for auction on ebay.
I paid $265 & Shipping from europe and just got the adapter last week.
I decided on not tearing up my CD32 to put this in, so it's up for auction.
Selling it at a discount of only $199.95 plus shipping to the US.
International shipping more of course.
Also included is a DVI to HDMI adapter i also bought.
Check it out here, don't wait too long it can sell at any minute.


Message me if you are interested.

28th January 2013, 16:47
:interested: question PM

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28th January 2013, 17:39
Sorry it just sold on ebay.

29th January 2013, 07:29
Sorry it just sold on ebay.

OK, thanks for the update. :)

I will close this thread now.