View Full Version : Closed ACA 1220, Clockport Serial Port (x2), 3.0 Roms (a1200)

28th January 2013, 22:38
Of the two A1200 Amigas I have, one has become unstable and no longer works with ANY additional hardware therefore the following has become useless to me :(

For sale:

Sold to af1: ACA 1220 @ 16.67 MHz with 128MB, real-time clock module and battery - price 75
Requires: A1200, or A500 with ACA 500 (if these are available yet, not sure they are)

Hypercom Serial Port (port jnr) releases the processor from operating the internal serial port - price 15
Requires: Clockport

SilverSurfer Serial Port tested to baud rate 115200 but can go higher - price 25
Requires: Clockport

3.0 Rom chips for A1200. Now I don't know of any reason why someone would want to buy these but I thought I'd list them in case someone does want them - price 8

Prices include P&P for domestic UK delivery.

This is my first sales post so I hope I've provided enough info but please let me know if you want anything more.

Edit: Offers are accepted on any of the above

3rd February 2013, 20:23
I am listing these items on ebay tonight.

4th February 2013, 08:40
Hi I presume the aca is all that would be needed to run whd load
If so interested

4th February 2013, 08:50
This card is OK for WHDLoaD?

4th February 2013, 18:23
Yes, the card supports WHDLoad (tested myself) and is all that is needed.

af1 - reserved for you pending pm, unless you want to decline

8th February 2013, 16:21
Money received today for the Accelerator, from af1. Will post out tomorrow first thing. ;)