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29th January 2013, 15:04
Here is my Intellivision from 1981/82 faulty.

I was going to send to "TheCorfiot" for repair but I'm just going to sell as is.

The Unit itself is in immaculate condition, The box is in poor condition but poly's are present.
Both Controllers working and in Very good Condition.
Built in Ariel lead and Power cable provided.

all the game boxes did not survive the loft to well, squashed and deformed. Some games have joypad inserts other do not.

Now to the Fault.
The Unit fully works for a random amount of time and either freezes or black screens. If a game is loaded and left on Demo mode it will happily sit there all day running the Demo of the Game. But when you start to play it can last for 15 seconds to 5 minutes before messing up, pressing the Reset button get the game working again.

It would not tune in correctly on the TV i tried but did on another tv previously, sound is clear and all the Game Cartriges work.

Iv'e lost my Maze a Tron Cartrige

Skiing x 2
Auto Racing
Triple Action
Lock 'N' Chase
Soccer x 2
Space Battle
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

As with all Hardware of this age you are buying as is. If you require more pictures or a video I can do at request when i
have the time and space to setup again.

I'm looking for 25 + P&P + Fees or Gift

http://media.use.com/images/s_2/bc10c11e05d48e20119c_1.jpg (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=1)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=1)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/bc10c11e05d48e20119c_2.jpg (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=2)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=2)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/bc10c11e05d48e20119c_3.jpg (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=3)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=3)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/bc10c11e05d48e20119c_4.jpg (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=4)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=4)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/bc10c11e05d48e20119c_5.jpg (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=5)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=5)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/bc10c11e05d48e20119c_6.jpg (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=6)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=6)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/bc10c11e05d48e20119c_7.jpg (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=7)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=7)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/bc10c11e05d48e20119c_8.jpg (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=8)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=8)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/bc10c11e05d48e20119c_9.jpg (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=9)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Intellivision_bc10c11e05d48e20119c?p=9)

5th February 2013, 23:22
Price Reduced

5th February 2013, 23:29
I'm interested, how much to ship to mainland Spain?

Thanks and regards!

6th February 2013, 00:02
I'm interested, how much to ship to mainland Spain?

Thanks and regards!

PM Replied

6th February 2013, 23:23

Payment recieved thanks, Will ship tomorrow.

Please Mark SOLD, thanks

13th February 2013, 22:44
Feedback also left!