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29th January 2013, 17:03
Playstation modded for backups.

SCPH 9002 model clean and working great, laser in top condition reading all disks and FMV's no issues.

5 Games that i could find in a pouch, The original cases are filed away somewhere with a few more games that i cant find at the moment. but if i do will forward them on to buyer at no extra charge.

2 controllers
1 official psx slim controller
1 third party contoller

3 memory cards, scart lead and power lead.

As with all Hardware of this age you are buying as is. If you require more pictures or a video I can do at request when i
have the time and space to setup again.

I'm looking for 35 ono + P&P + Fees or Gift

http://media.use.com/images/s_2/1ad6b4f1633e93073197_1.jpg (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=1)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=1)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/1ad6b4f1633e93073197_2.jpg (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=2)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=2)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/1ad6b4f1633e93073197_3.jpg (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=3)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=3)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/1ad6b4f1633e93073197_4.jpg (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=4)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=4)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/1ad6b4f1633e93073197_5.jpg (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=5)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=5)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/1ad6b4f1633e93073197_6.jpg (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=6)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=6)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/1ad6b4f1633e93073197_7.jpg (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=7)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=7)
http://media.use.com/images/s_2/1ad6b4f1633e93073197_8.jpg (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=8)
http://www.use.com/images/clicklarge3.gif (http://www.use.com/Playstation_1ad6b4f1633e93073197?p=8)

29th January 2013, 17:11

Please remove the pictures with the CD-Rs discs as per the rules
You can only sell what you legally own:
You may only sell what you own, or have been authorised to sell. In regards to software and firmware devices - unauthorised copies are not permitted to be sold on AmiBay. In particular, there is no legal definition of the term 'abandonware'.

Dave G :cool:

29th January 2013, 17:56
CD-R disks are my backups, dont come with system and used to test the modchip, as I stated above only comes with 5 games as in photos originals in a pouch.


1st February 2013, 22:51
Interested. PM sent.

2nd February 2013, 02:05
PM Replied.

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Payment recieved will ship tommorow.

Thanks. please close as sold.

11th February 2013, 18:29
Just tidying up.

feedback all done.