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30th January 2013, 10:23
After months of deliberation, I've decided to part with my baby. Too many other things are keeping us apart and I've got my A1200/030 to keep me going. It pains me, and while putting her back together for testing, I really didn't want to sell her, but I've used her so little and I remain steadfast. I'd much rather it goes to someone who will appreciate and use her properly.

A4000D rev. B - 335/€380
Pio 2 mod
New simm sockets - old ones had plastic clutches that broke.
Replaceable CR2032 battery mod (org. battery removed before any damage)
Complete recap
Audio circuitry fixed
16mb Fast
040/25 cpu board
PSU went out recently, but am including an ATX kit from Amigakit
Kickstart 3.1 roms, including 3.0 roms
HD Floppy
A4000 dk keyboard
CD-ROM drive - haven't used this at all, so may or may not be working - included as is

Also included:
IDE-CF adapter with 1GB CF card (Amigakit set)
Quantum Fireball 4.2GB IDE - worked last I checked, but couldn't get the Amiga to detect it now, so included as not working
Seagate Hawk 1GB SCSI
Lyra 2 PS2 kb adapter
Cocolino mouse adapter
IDE Terminator

All work has been done by Bad_Ad84, except CPU card recapped by Tomse - Cheers to you both!:D

- Now also for sale locally.

gseb had right of first refusal due to wanted thread, but has declined.

Piccolo SD64 - 120 - SOLD
Homemade passthrough - this was working fine, but one of the wires detached, so I repaired it without testing and glued it all up - doesn't seem to want to pass through any more - or maybe the Piccolo doesn't like the signal the Indivision Mk II is sending (had an MK I before)?
I will add the cable as not working.

T-Rex II GVP 4060DT 060/50Mhz Rev. 2 (2010) + 128mb 60ns Fast - 370 SOLD
Newly produced by GVP in 2010 and bought new from softhut, so is only 2 years old. Has seen very, very slight use.
Also has SCSI II.
Marmes has right of first refusal, due to wanted thread

Amiganet rev. 1.1a - 60 - SOLD
with RJ45 ethernet transceiver
Works great for network transfers :)

2 x R-IDSC-E/R IDE-SCSI adapter - 40 - 2 SOLD
Used with IDE-CF adapter to connect to the T-Rex, but works fine with an IDE HDD as well.

Indivision A4000/CD32 MkII - 155 SOLD
DVI-VGA adapter

Shipping quote on request. Payment by pp gift.

I do require that interested parties have positive feedback on here or is a known entity.

I will allow a 24 hour grace period, in which anyone with a recent wanted thread can get right of first refusal - if that is ok with the mods?


Any questions? Any other pics?

30th January 2013, 14:10
Sorry, too fast, is GBP not EUR :-/ Great system!

31st January 2013, 20:52

31st January 2013, 20:54
Declring interest in gvp4060

31st January 2013, 21:05
I have to withdraw for the A4000 due to other purchases I ve done yesterday. Thanks very much

31st January 2013, 21:06
Declaring interest in network card and ide to Scsi adapter.

PM to follow shortly,


31st January 2013, 21:41
Declaring interest in piccolo SD64, PM.

31st January 2013, 22:03
is there any chance to sell only the mobo? price?

31st January 2013, 22:33
is there any chance to sell only the mobo? price?


31st January 2013, 23:31
Payment sent

1st February 2013, 07:42
interested in R-IDSC-E/R IDE-SCSI adapter

Best regards


2nd February 2013, 00:19
PM's replied.

2nd February 2013, 00:56
Payment sent :thumbsup:

3rd February 2013, 10:37
Money sent for Amiganet and SCSI to IDE Adaptor As agreed.


5th February 2013, 08:43
3 parcels packed up and ready to go out this afternoon. I will send individual tracking numbers by pm, of course :cool:

Also, I found another SCSI-IDE adapter, which I've put in the op. PM sent to Fieldday, regarding this.


6th February 2013, 08:51
Payment done for second scsi ide bridge.
Thank you for helping me :thumbsup:

Best regards

6th February 2013, 09:05
Payment received for 2nd SCSI adapter - hoping to get it out today :thumbsup:

6th February 2013, 10:31
Interestd In A4000D Without 040/25 !

8th February 2013, 19:05
package received :D

8th February 2013, 19:08
Excellent :)

11th February 2013, 15:11
Prices dropified.

11th February 2013, 20:15
Got my board!
Tested and working!


Feedback left!

14th February 2013, 20:02
Got my board!
Tested and working!


Feedback left!

And returned :thumbsup: Thanks!

15th February 2013, 09:59
Another price drop.

15th February 2013, 19:16
Any idea how much shipping to the US would be? Or alternatively I could make arrangements with a friend in Hamburg?

15th February 2013, 20:44
On the A4k?

15th February 2013, 21:05
Yeah for the a4k and acessories , not price driving or anything but could do without the case, the PSU and the HDDs to save weight but everything else, of course for the price you are asking. That is if cyberstormer dropped interest. If international shipping is a no go since I am a recent reg here I may be able to arrange local pickup.

16th February 2013, 01:56
Yeah for the a4k and acessories , not price driving or anything but could do without the case, the PSU and the HDDs to save weight but everything else, of course for the price you are asking. That is if cyberstormer dropped interest. If international shipping is a no go since I am a recent reg here I may be able to arrange local pickup.

Ok, cyberstormer's interest isn't valid, since he's asking for a split. I'll check postage with and without the heavy stuff tomorrow :thumbsup:

17th February 2013, 14:51
Looks like I can keep it below 10kgs without the hard drives, which would be 51 to Germany, but 95 to the states.
With no case (mobo, daughter, cpu, ram, accessories and FDD) would probably be under 5kgs = 32/58 shipping

17th February 2013, 16:04
That's not nearly as bad as I was expecting lets do it, can you PM me? Hopefully my spouse doesn't murder me in my sleep for this. :help:

17th February 2013, 16:50
Pm sent

23rd February 2013, 15:22
Price dropped on Indivision. A4000 also still available.

23rd February 2013, 16:09
Interested in Indivision 4000, PM to follow with question about S&H to US.

25th February 2013, 14:40
Indivision sold.

A4000/40 with accessories remains :)

25th February 2013, 17:55
hi,could you quote postage to the uk TR21 0LP for the a4000
thank you

25th February 2013, 21:31
Postage for the A4000 would be around 60 to the uk and most of europe. May be able to squeese it down to below 10kgs (51) without the disks and keyboard.

26th February 2013, 10:26
passing thank you

26th February 2013, 11:17
I'm interested by your A4000D rev. B

Please contact me.

26th February 2013, 13:17
To clarify, dw0ntU5m3 can not pay via paypal at the moment, but awaiting final word on whether this option opens op within a day or two, before moving on completely.

In the meantime, pm sent to ludovicfrance.

27th February 2013, 09:19
Still no word from dw0ntU5m3, so moving on to ludovicfrance.

27th February 2013, 11:40
A4000/040 sold to ludovicfrance.

To keep shipping costs down, the following has been taken out and will NOT be sent:
2 Hard drives
A4000 PSU
A4000 DK keyboard
CD-ROM drive

This on agreement with ludovicfrance.

Thanks, mate!

6th March 2013, 12:04
Indivision confirmed received a few days ago and feedback left both ways :thumbsup:

25th March 2013, 10:54
A4000 also arrived a while ago and feedback left on both sides. I think we're pretty much done here :thumbsup: