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30th January 2013, 22:02
UPDATE: THIS MACHINE IS NOW SOLD. CONGRATULATIONS TO WINONA2K. If a moderator could edit the title to "sold", I would appreciate it.

I am considering parting with my beloved Amiga 3000 for the right price. Give me an offer, though I look for something around €350 for it, plus cost of shipping it to the buyer unless it is picked up in person.
As it stands now it has 2mb chip and 16MB of fast memory in the form of ZIP memory installed. It has 1.4 Kickroms, which looks for kickstart in Devs: and as such is softkicked to 3.1, and is running OS 3.9 from a 1,2 GB scsi drive. It is equipped a full 25Mhz 68030 cpu and a math coprocessor.

I have 3.1 eproms in transit, waiting to arrive to me, but the mail has been delayed, so if they have arrived when and if the machine is sold, I will send those too.

The battery has had some leakage, but that is remedied and the battery has been replaced by a coin type battery. The flicker fixer has been fixed, it was a simple variable resistor that has a leg that has snapped.

It has some slight yellowing, but is otherwise in good condition.

Some photos;


30th January 2013, 23:36

! possible interested.
can i see some pictures inside cabinet ?
showing mainboard, and the cleaned battery leaking ?

30th January 2013, 23:59
Of course, here you will see some photos of the area and the insides.

This is the worst area of corrosion, and it is just superficial oxide on the components. The acid itself is no longer "active", I have not removed this oxide as I did not want to risk causing more harm than necesssary.


This is the expansion area, and the cables you see there is what I have used out the back to have a scsi cdrom attached to the machine.


Inside of the case itself, to show that it is no corrosion or rust in the metal of the chassis;


And the main insides themselves;


Amiga Forever
31st January 2013, 00:25
Declare interest - second on line......How much is to ship to UK?:unsure:

31st January 2013, 00:31
There is another option with swedish post that would be €90 to €150 in shipping to UK.

Amiga Forever
31st January 2013, 09:36
Withdrawn interested due high shipping :wooha:

31st January 2013, 09:59
Withdrawn interested due high shipping :wooha:

It is extreme. I am still looking to find a better alternative, so please just hold on for a day or two and I will try to find another alternative.

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I am looking at an alternative swedish post has that is out of country packages, and it list 70 as shipping. I am looking into other services, if they are available to me to ship it at a lower price.

31st January 2013, 19:00
I would like to add that shipping within sweden is much cheaper, in case someone from sweden is watching this.

1st February 2013, 08:27
Price dropped after some consideration and looking around the net.

1st February 2013, 11:52
I now have working 3.1 eproms for the A3000. I will send both to the buyer, and I can install either the 1.4 or 3.1 to be in the machine on delivery.

Update: Motherboard says Rev 9/03, Ramsey is Rev 4, Super Buster is rev 7, Gary is Rev 2, Dmac is Rev 2, Scsi controller reads; WD33C93A-PL, Coprocessor is 68882. All Zip Ram slots are occupied.

Backside of the daughterboard (Rev 7);

Ram, custom chips, and the 3.1 eproms installed;

28th February 2013, 22:04
I just want to say that I do not have access to professional photo equipment and lighting, and I will not take the machine apart again for further photos of the motherboard just to satisfy buyers curiosity without good reason. If you are giving me a serious offer, I may do so.

Shipping is _only_ with swedish postservices as I have no other means available, and a package within europe weighing up to 14 kg (a3000 weigh 12,9kg itself) is 815 swedish kronor or roughly the equivalent of 100.

1st March 2013, 10:47
Might be interested. Will PM about price and local pickup.

2nd March 2013, 21:50
Awaiting answer from Winona2k regarding process of payment and shipping.

3rd March 2013, 05:32
Reply, few more questions prior to payment.

3rd March 2013, 12:29
Replies sent, awaiting payment and shipping address.

3rd March 2013, 21:47
Address received, awaiting payment before shipping.

4th March 2013, 11:31
Payment Sent.

4th March 2013, 14:55
Payment received. SOLD to Winona2K

6th March 2013, 18:58
Received in good condition. Excellent packing. Will check status after the demons gone to bed then leave feedback.

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Tested & working. Many thanks. Feedback left.