View Full Version : Sold BPPC 603e@330MHz 060@66MHz 128MB RAM + G-Rex PCI + Voodoo3 3k + SFX + ETH

30th January 2013, 22:20
I am planning to buy A4000 which was always my dreamed Amiga ;o) So I decided to sell some of my HW for A1200. All what I am selling was together tested during last two months and actively running on my desk.

● phase 5 Blizzard PPC 603e/330 MHz, 060/66 MHz
- originally 603e@300MHz overclocked to 330MHz
- XC68060RC50 in socket overclocked to 66 MHz
- latest DCE firmware
- Rev. 0, but works fine with this G-Rex! (also successfully tested with BVision)
- I can include copy of installation diskette and 50 MHz oscilator if needed

● 128 MB RAM
- 2x 64 MB 60ns one-sided

● DCE G-Rex PCI A1200
- latest revision with 2 DMA slots
- the fastest PCI solution for A1200
- I can include custom diskette with drivers if needed

● Voodoo3 3000 16 MB PCI graphics card
- new active fan

● Terratec 128i sound card
- ESS Solo1 chipset

● Realtek 8029 network card
- 10 Mbit combo (BNC+UTP)

Note: I do not have original boxes for any of that hw. A1200T showed on the video below is not for sale ;o)

Price: 890 EUR + shipping

Video showing BPPC rev.0 running G-Rex PCI (low quality): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlG9rcO6R3s
(note: my own Payback map he he ;o)

And some screenshots: http://jack.untergrund.net/bppc/
(note: unreadable gearsppc screen = 22.89fps)

30th January 2013, 22:30
Declaring interest, sending pm...

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need two posts to send pm :D

30th January 2013, 22:46
need two posts to send pm :-D

you can now :thumbsup:

31st January 2013, 08:31
Declaring interrested. But can't sent you PM

31st January 2013, 10:53
Declaring interest as in X in line...

31st January 2013, 18:21
hi all

you cannot ask for splits by pm as jack-3d wants to sell all together

31st January 2013, 21:27
Declaring interest, next in line.

1st February 2013, 08:21
Declaring interest, next in line. :)

1st February 2013, 08:26
Djole501 (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=5500) did not respond to my PMs more then 30 hours.

Now communicating with castvi (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=5310)

1st February 2013, 09:33
Just replied,need to pass on this one. I am very sorry. Good luck with the sale.

1st February 2013, 10:35

Express interest in next line please. ;)

Regards, Sveta

1st February 2013, 12:23
Payment sent

1st February 2013, 13:02
Payment received, package will be sent asap. Details for tracking will be in PM. Thank you.

3rd February 2013, 14:03
Package sent yesterday morning, some photos of package and tracking details are in PM.

13th February 2013, 20:33
Item recieved, in perfect working condition.:)

13th February 2013, 20:35
great guys now just feedback to be left for you both