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15th December 2009, 18:18
I really need your help guys, as I don't know about this kind of stuff.

My A4000D mobo, has the battery removed for obvious reasons, but I want to plug a new one, not barrel-kind of course, a coin.

What I will need and how I can do that with the minimum of fuss?


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I found those two in AmigaKit:

CR2032 Battery Holder: http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=39&products_id=724

CR2032 Coin Battery: http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=39&products_id=697

Will be a good start?

15th December 2009, 18:32
I think I have a ready-assembel coin-battery holder for the A4000D in my office... lemme check it and I'll get back at you, you just have to solder it in the points where the battery was... basically it is just a holder+diode so the coin battery does not recharge :)

15th December 2009, 18:40
Thanks, pasok-boy. I'll wait for your news then.

15th December 2009, 18:40
If keropi doesn't have one, I have one for you. It's a kit made by that active german over at amiga.org.

I'll put one in an envelope and send it to you if kerpoi comes up empty handed

15th December 2009, 18:41

15th December 2009, 18:45
the same kit I have, 'tis DJBASE's contraption :)

15th December 2009, 18:47
Yup, I have three of those, they were meant for my A4000s, but they now have new batteries from Anthony instead.

8th January 2010, 00:08
Whats the situation now Antonis?

8th January 2010, 00:14
I'm waiting for keropi's packet. Thanks for asking. :thumbsup:

8th January 2010, 21:20
it is an eays do it yourself: (the kit is not needed), but can handful anyway: (so forget the diod turning part)

Mesure the pins you have cut, take a marker (alcohol based) and a multimeter, make sure the red multimeter cable is in the right port, and the black multimeter cable is in the right port on the multimeter.

Any good multimeter will tell you what is + and wat is minus. Mine gives a minus simbol if the red cable is connected to the - on the board.
(if the cable is installed in the multimeter properly) (of course the machine needs to be running)

So know you know the + LABEL it. (the multimeter gave it away)

Take your batteryholder with battery installed do the same there, label the points, with + and - using the multimeter

not for you then:
then take a diode, 2 types exists you wan't a type with the least voltage loss, put it in between (without soldering, temp using tape) see if the diode is in the right position, (by mesuring the voltage) if you do not get full voltage turn the diode. Measure again you should have it almost complete voltage.

if it is turned the diod is a very high resistor, do not be worried it will not smoke :)

Know you know the position the diod should be in.


you should know have a labeld motherboard, a labeld battery holdedr and a soldered diod letting current flow in the right position, but not charging the battery.

So only just soldering the ++ and the --

This method works for lot's of not so technical people like me, what you can realise with this:

Using multiple diode to get voltage loss, (like you have a dead camera battery and the wrong type of battery, using a resistor would not work, since as soon you press record the voltage would be to low)

Using non chargable battery's in chargable apps.

Prevent users from putting in battery's wrong way, if they do it, nothing happens. (no magic smoke)

so the sky is the limit, it is the part to have in your house!

13th January 2010, 00:20
Keropi's packet arrived yesterday. Everything in perfect order. Thanx m8. :thumbsup:

Now, I have to persuade my father to do the "hard" job. :whistle:

13th January 2010, 09:43
Keropi's packet arrived yesterday. Everything in perfect order. Thanx m8. :thumbsup:

Now, I have to persuade my father to do the "hard" job. :whistle:

Where's rkauer ????
Do I see another contender for the 2010 Amibay quote competition.:nod:

TC :lol:

13th January 2010, 09:51
Antonis is obviously working hard too these days :-)

+1 TC

13th January 2010, 16:44
An easy way to check where batteries poles are: positive side have two soldered pins and negative just have one.

This is consistent in all Commodore Amiga motherboards and A501 which uses a NiCd barrel battery.

18th February 2010, 12:26
Ok, the time finally came. I have to buy the coin battery to start the job.

What battery I have to buy for this holder? It's the standard RC2032 coin battery like in every pc motherboards? It's only one model, or different one with different Volts etc?

Kin Hell
18th February 2010, 17:48
The same afaik m8. RC2032.


18th February 2010, 17:51
Pretty much the same: or the CR2032 with the holder and a Germanium diode or the VL2020 (it's the Lithium one used in Blizzards, which is rechargeable!)

18th February 2010, 18:00
CR2032 are Lithium too?

18th February 2010, 18:07
yes, but not rechargeable. The VL2020 is rechargeable and have lides to solder directly on the board, pretty much like old NiCd batteries.

18th February 2010, 18:12
I have already that coin battery holder which I have to mount it on the motherboard, so I go for the CR2032 coin battery then. All these coin batteries are 3V right?

19th February 2010, 03:56

20th February 2010, 14:00
Okie. I bought one. Tonight is the big fest then...:D

Kin Hell
20th February 2010, 14:22
Save the Au Festival (that's beers) for afterwards....

In fact, do it live tonight & I'll drop a few JD & Cokes for you to celebrate the sucessful hackerama. :nod:

I'm sure it will all be good for you, but good luck all the same. :thumbsup:


PS. - What time are you expecting to have this completed & dont forget, Greece is 2 hours ahead of the UK atm.

20th February 2010, 14:29
Thanks for your encouragement m8.:thumbsup:

I believe that we'll start around 21:00 local time. It's a 5-minutes work, as my father claimed. He knows better than me.:D

Kin Hell
20th February 2010, 14:35
I should be well away by that time m8. Thread is Bookmarked. :thumbsup:


Kin Hell
20th February 2010, 20:20
So, @ 19.19PM GMT ( :p ) & 5 pints of Tribute Ale later, this 5 minuite event is now 14 minutes over-due for a response.

Wasson Phantom? Is there life in the conversion or are we dead in the water atm because Pop's is struggling?? :lol:

The night is still very young here in the UK. :pint:


20th February 2010, 22:22
Well, it seems ok, but I get Guru's at the boot when I connect the floppy drive.:mad:

Without floppy or hd I can see the boot screen with the disk.


Kin Hell
20th February 2010, 22:24
Ooppps! - There goes a CIA chip. :(


20th February 2010, 22:25
Nooooooo...... if I tell you the Guru, can you translate it for me?

Kin Hell
20th February 2010, 22:48
I doubt it m8. Guru Meditation & all that mer-larky was double dutch to me.
Can you not Google the Guru code for a result??

Also, did your Dad Earth/Ground/Anti-Static himself before touching the Amiga prior to & during the transplant?

Another option is to remove the battery mod & see if all is okay again. :|

Not sounding too hopefull tbh m8 & some pics might help. Was the correct value Diode used on the Battery holder?


20th February 2010, 23:06
Hurrah!!!!! WTF!!!!! The disk had something. I tried another one. It works.

I connected my HD.... Loaded Workbench....Entered CLI....

I changed the FUC***** DATE!!!!

I saved it with SetClock Save...

I rebooted the Amiga. I checked the date. The date is correct....

OOoooouuuuufffff....... (great relief m8 ).....

Kin Hell
20th February 2010, 23:10
Holy sh!t m8y. Well done & I'd never have guessed that cr4p!!

Here's a JD & Coke Chaser with my 7th pint of Tribute to celebrate. :drinkin:,

I'm well mullered already! :D


20th February 2010, 23:13
OH YEAH!!!! THAT WAS A NICE EVENING AT THE END (after a lot of "bad" words blah blah blah during the process).... :p:p

I'll definetely celebrate... grab one m8...


Kin Hell
20th February 2010, 23:14
I'm easing off now m8. The back teeth are already floating ffs. Fresh Pepperoni Pizza in 2 minutes.....


21st February 2010, 00:08
I did a pair of pizzas, myself. :)

From the basic loaf + yeast + sugar + salt + milk (instead of water) + one egg, passing through tomato juice (2 hours boiling, yeah!) to finally adding cheese, pepperoni, blue fish, dried tomatoes, gorgonzola...:drool:

21st February 2010, 00:30
WTF!!! I ate pizza too tonight...

It's a Special Pizza Day today or something??? :D

Kin Hell
21st February 2010, 00:42
No m8. It's just a general Fri/Sat event for a social evening at home here.

Much the same with rkauer but with a more hands on event methinks. ;)

We did Chicago Town Edge to Edge Cheese & New York Delis this evening. :drool:


27th February 2010, 14:15
Ok. The clock works since a week now, so I suppose this is the end of the thread.:D

Kin Hell
28th February 2010, 12:28
Good stuff Phantom. I really pleased for ya. :thumbsup:


28th February 2010, 16:55
Good to know, Antonis. Threads in the Amioracle section must not be closed.