View Full Version : Request Blizzard 2040 repair

31st January 2013, 19:28
I'm out of ideas on what the problem can be with my Blizzard 2040.
So I'm looking for someone who knows how to repair these cards.

I bought this card in non working state a few months ago and there doesn't seem to be any damage to the naked eye.

31st January 2013, 21:29
Cosmos ? ;)

Did you try other crystal or refresh the firmware ?
I had 4 x alfadata ATA conrollers ... stood for years in a box ... one does not start until I cleaned the pads with soft rubber (eraser) and ISO alcohol.

1st February 2013, 19:24
Refresh the firmware ?

How do I do that ?
The Amiga 2500 won't even start with the card in it.
And I don't have the files.

16th March 2013, 00:29
No one who can repair it?

16th March 2013, 16:06
I think Cosmos can write a new rom with the latest firmware for this card ...