View Full Version : Closed Amstrad CPC 464

16th December 2009, 13:56
Hi all, i am looking for a good clean condition CPC 464 (not including the monitor). It must be in full working order :)

If anyone would like to sell one then please let me know, Cheers :thumbsup:

6th January 2010, 18:51
I'm still looking for an Amstrad CPC 464 :coffee:

I would like it to be in it's original colour and not faded. Some have discoloured red/blue/green keys and also the red printed details on the tape deck have gone orange on some that i've seen :thumbsdown:

If anyone wants to sell me a CPC 464 then please let me know :cool:

17th February 2010, 18:37
Did you manage to get a cpc 464.If not I might be able to help.Get in touch if you're interested

15th July 2010, 12:19
Another old thread that can be closed... I bought one off the other bay, played it for a while.... then sold it again :lol: