View Full Version : For sale: Atari ST Sundog - Frozen Legacy

3rd February 2013, 23:34
Hello all,

I have decided to make some space in my collection by selling off games I am not longer interested in and would like to sell.

I am offering various games which include PC, Amiga, Amiga CD, Commodore 64 and Atari ST.
The condition of these games' boxes or cases can sometimes be less that good or excellent and where I think it is important I will mention it behind the game. (or will add later if people want more information)

All sales would be through Paypal and I think it would be best that I use tracking for every package I send to people. (that may drive up the costs of a payment but I hope people understand)

Right now all of these games are without shipping costs, I will look those up once a poster has shown interest.
All games will be send in post office boxes to ensure no damage will happen to them during the journey.

Hope this is all acceptable.

Sundog Frozen Legacy (new but wrapping is torn open here and there) -- 30+