View Full Version : Multiple/Duplicate Accounts

4th February 2013, 02:05
Multiple/Duplicate accounts are forbidden on Amibay

May I please remind all members that it is against Amibay site rules for any member to hold multiple accounts. As a trading site, this rule has been put into place to prevent a member "Shill bidding" or performing other activity to boost their status, or profit from the community.

If you hold multiple Amibay accounts please contact me to discuss fixing this issue. I will give all such members a chance to come clean, pick the account they wish to keep, and either merge accounts into one, or delete the duplicates.

Members failing to declare multiple accounts in the future may face account freezing or even an account ban for breaching site rules.

Creating a new account because you can't log into your existing account

This is not a reason to create an additional account. If you can't access your existing account then try to recover or reset your password. If this fails then please contact the staff using our site contact form, or directly using our email address admin@amibay.com

Any further questions please PM me.