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16th December 2009, 20:12
swos 95/96 sealed + mint i have 2 of these left (keeping 2 for myself :-) 28 (this is cheaper than anywhere else ive sold them)

fantastic dizzy (new not sealed) BIG BOX MINT 4 left 5

dizzy yolk folk small box (new not sealed) MINT 2 left 5

dizzy treasure island small plastic box (new not sealed) MINT 4 left 5

pinball fantasies new but some wear from storage part of the chaos pack (A1200) 1 left 7

speedball new mint (not sealed) budget. Impossible to find in mint condition due to the type of box but these are!!! 3 left. ask for pictures. 7

ask for anything else amiga related etc ect and ill make a new post if i have what you want...

Cheers ! J

16th December 2009, 21:29
Hi JAO and welcome to AmiBay. Nevertheless, it's advised to open a new thread in hardware section about your A500. :thumbsup:

17th December 2009, 14:06
Would love SWOS but xxx xxx xxx! :(

17th December 2009, 14:11
sorry Red but comments about the pricing is against the site rules, if you believe it's too pricey then walk away m8y.
I'm not having a pop at you, just warning you before the mods descend! :thumbsup:

17th December 2009, 14:13
Could you please familiarise yourself with the rules here http://www.amibay.com/misc.php?do=cfrules

If an item is "too expensive" for you then please feel free to ignore the post, not comment on the price.

Thank you


Edit:/ Thanks Juv you beat me to it

29th December 2009, 17:53

29th December 2009, 21:10
Here are pictures as requested.