View Full Version : Closed MSX Games for trade

16th December 2009, 23:15
Hey All,

I have some MSX Games duplicates that I want to trade for something else, either konami games that I don't have for any other systems (really any system) or non konami ps3 games are welcome (all Originals please). But I'll hear your offer none the less.

I have around 12 konami doubles plus 50-60 from other game makers. I'll list the konami's first and the rest later on. So here we go!

All games are cartridge (all jap versions) only unless specified otherwise:

- Antartic Adventure
- Game Master 2
- Hyper Olimpic 1
- King Kong 2
- Nemesis 2
- King's Valley
- Pennant Race
- Salamander
- Sky Jaguar
- The Goonies
- The Maze of Galious
- Yie Ar Kung Fu

More later!