View Full Version : Wanted Last Blade for Neo Geo Pocket

10th February 2013, 03:58
On the offchance: I'm looking for a copy of Last Blade for the Neo Geo Pocket. I don't need it with the fancy outer clamshell case, I just need the game itself (well, with the wee plastic case that they came with, if possible) but I am looking for it specifically in English.

I know that there was a bunch of cart-only stock put out there, but for whatever reason it's one of the harder ones to source.

I'm not willing to pay too much for it--a little more than the other stuff that is cart only for the NGPC--but I'm putting it out there in case any one has a copy and they're looking to part with it for a fair price.

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: Actually, in addition to this, if anyone has any complete clamshell copies of basically any NGPC games they are looking to get rid of, please let me know. English copies unless they are a Japanese game that is confirmed multi-lingual.