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11th February 2013, 11:21
I have 3 Acorn Electrons in various conditions, which have been taking up space in a cupboard for too long now. Realistically I'm never going to get round to making any use of them, so the time has come for them to go elsewhere - hopefully somebody on this forum can use them, otherwise they're destined for the tip.

One of them was my very first computer, which I learned to program on at a young age. That broke, and in a silly eBay splurge around the turn of the millennium I ended up buying two more (somehow thinking that it was unlikely I'd win bidding for both). I'm doing some house decluttering at the moment, and the fact that in the last 13 years I've barely touched the Electrons tells me that their time has come!

I've briefly tested them and here's what I found:

- one works well, although the BREAK key seemed a little temperamental
- one seems to work, although a fuzzy background appeared after a few seconds (this was hooked up via the VIDEO output) - text was still readable though
- one is completely dead - this was my first one that broke around the mid 90s. When it initially broke it would get "stuck" with black and white lines on the screen when powered on. Now, absolutely nothing.

I'm sure at least one well-functioning Electron could be created out of the various parts of these!

I also have an AP1 and an AP4 disk interface. I attempted to test these without much success. It may be that the AP1 is broken, or maybe it's just got dust in it. Either way, when I hooked up the AP1 on its own to one of the machines, it didn't start at all. The other one seemed OK though. When I inserted the AP4 cartridge, I got various combinations of corrupted text on the screen - some of which alluded to disks, possibly. So there's something going on in there...

I only have one power supply.

Anyway, given the state of all these things it would be silly for me to try to sell them, so I would much rather just give them away to anybody who might be able to make use of them.

Ideally, if you can collect from south-east London, that would be great. If not, I may consider posting them, if I can find something appropriate to pack them with. Together they weigh about 5kg.

I also have the following tapes which I can throw in (not tested any of these) - if not, to the bin with them too:

The Hacker
Psycastria 2
Blockbusters Goldrun
Electron User Micro Olympics
Alien Break In
Atom Smasher
Plan B 2
Last of the Free
Superman The Game
Monkey Nuts
Video's Revenge
Combat Lynx
Let's Compute! Club Tape 1
Sphinx Adventure
Desk Diary
Business Games
Magic Mushrooms
Introductory Cassette

11th February 2013, 11:38
If you cant get anyone to pick these up and eventually have to post them, I would be interested.

11th February 2013, 12:43
2nd in line if posting is an option.

11th February 2013, 12:52
Hi there,

Next in line, but I am able to collect depending on which part of London it is. :thumbsup:



11th February 2013, 13:03
i can pickup in london and post at cost for anyone that wants these


11th February 2013, 14:13
I'd be interested in the AP4 and possibly also the AP1, if nobody else takes them.

11th February 2013, 14:25
Next in line :(

11th February 2013, 14:55
Thanks for the responses everybody! I can't PM until my post count is 2. So maybe I'll be able to after this gets approved...

It sounds like af1 and bagpuss22 are the only ones who can collect, is that right?

I'm in London SE23 (Forest Hill), and you can collect any time really - I'm in all day and most evenings for the next couple of weeks.

bagpuss22 was first, so if SE23 is OK and he can take the lot, that would be great. Otherwise if af1 is generously agreeing to redistribute these to anyone who pays him postage, that makes things very easy for me too :)

11th February 2013, 16:06

Hi there, Yep I can collect and I will be looking at distributing some bits as well as keeping a few bits for me. :thumbsup:

Can you not PM? I will need to get your contact details and arrange a time/date.


11th February 2013, 17:36
These are now pending collection by bagpuss22.

17th February 2013, 12:27
These have now been collected, thanks Russ!

18th February 2013, 22:41

Thanks for these. I have checked them and 1 was fine, 1 had a few issues with video and power, which is now fixed and the third is exhibiting no life at all. The AP1 seems OK but a bit wobbly! and AP4 causes a few issues. So getting there!! :thumbsup: