View Full Version : For Sale Bullfrog Productions Leather Jacket

12th February 2013, 09:10
In the late 90's (I forget the year exactly) I won a Bullfrog competition, and the prize was a boxed copy of Syndicate Wars, a boxed copy of Gene Wars, and a leather jacket with the Bullfrog Products Ltd logo embossed into it.

To this day, I have never worn the jacket - when I first got it, it was too big, then I got too big for the jacket, now it's too big for me again!!!

It is size XL, and has spent most of its life hanging in a wardrobe - forgotten.

It's time to let this jacket go to a good home - to someone who will love and cherish it, to someone who needs the company of a Bullfrog leather jacket in their life...

It's a one of a kind, and I am asking for 99 plus postage (money to be sent as a PayPal Gift).



17th March 2013, 17:57
PM sent with question