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22nd December 2009, 09:43
In the process replacing my hard drive with a cf, I re installed os 3.1

I 've copied cachecdfs in lha (the version on os 3.9) on pc transfered it and installed it, no errors.

Only the cdrom does not work, i see (cachecdfs) the usb deneb devices and a scsci device, that if you select show all drives types just sees my cf card:thumbsdown: (ide of course)

PS; IT is a DVD drive in the machine know, it was shorter than the previous cdrom, so having more space in the A4000 for ventilation.

Am I missing something, that causes this behaviour? Is the DVD drive not supported?

Is aminet down?

22nd December 2009, 15:57
Okay, have you something on the same channel as teh dvd rom? if so, make sure one is slave. And yes, for europe, aminet is down, use the FTP server.

22nd December 2009, 16:14
I am afraid, already tried master/slave and switching the devices to other cable connection...

The only config it accepts is master cdrom and slave cf card, but then no way cachecdfs sees it. Some other configs do work, but they give "always on hd led", but the amiga boots properly...

Thinking about quiting the cdrom and just put the cf in front and switch (emulated or real), can easily tamper with old bracked to make it fit, and then with a card reader and winuae ...

Still not impressed with winuae, it is slow. Why people say it is quicker beats me (have selected 68020 and 68040, fast memory, rom a 1200 3.1 etc)

Had a shortage with all the tampering, one molex made contact to a zorro pin :thumbsdown: The orginal power supply did do instant shut off, so probably no damage. (the pins on the back of zorro board have longer legs than am used too):Doh:

Soon will be looking into networking anyway.

22nd December 2009, 16:40
I'd suggest you get an IDE/SCSI controller for zorro, sounds like an IDE controller issue. have you tried this setup : CF-Primary master, DVD- Secondary master or vice versa? Other wise, I'm 110% sure it's the controller or DVD drive.

Here is a master/slave CF bay for you to look at : http://cgi.ebay.com/COMPACT-FLASH-BAY-for-Amiga-4000_W0QQitemZ220530189345QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item33589fa421