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6th May 2008, 13:48
I have the 1.3 roms, the Motherboard, the keyboard, 512 fastram expansion, PSU and mixed joysticks.

pick what you want and make me an offer - just looking to move house so all my stuff not used or duplicate has got to go hence my many listings here today lol.

6th May 2008, 14:28
Please ajust your post to meet the site rules :) I understand that making a guiding price is not always easy but please try to ajust the post as per site rules

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Thank you in advance :


6th May 2008, 15:05
motherboard = 10 all other parts = 5

6th May 2008, 15:07
Thank you

21st August 2008, 23:02
i might be intrested in the keyboard will let you know over the weekend