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27th December 2009, 23:38
Hey all, i'm looking for an RTG zorro 2/3 card. I have a bit of money, and i have some pieces of kit i'd be glad to trade for one. The card MUST have at least 16-bit color support, but I'm not looking for a Picasso IV class card. I have the following computer hardware and feel free to ask for more than one:

Voodoo 5 PCI (fully working)
5.25 DVD drive
3.5 LS120
Tyan Thunderbolt P3 motherboard

I also have some nice video game hardware:

Sega CDX
Softmodded Xbox 20GB HDD (Would be sent WITHOUT copies and clean of commercial software)
Probably other stuff I can pull out for you.

Kin Hell
28th December 2009, 12:29
I don't have a card to trade with you, but I could be interested in the Voodoo 5 card if you wanted to sell her @ a fair price.

PM sent.


28th December 2009, 15:50
Entering deal with noxenlux for a retina card. Kin, you have PM for v5 again.

Kin Hell
28th December 2009, 17:38
Thanks Dreamy. Just waiting for your Pics. :thumbsup:


Kin Hell
29th December 2009, 13:21
Interest in the Voodoo 5 withdrawn.

Cheers folks,


29th December 2009, 18:13
Posted the CDX to Noxenlux today