View Full Version : Closed Various bits for my 1200. RAM ROMs cdtv keyboard, general pimpage.

29th December 2009, 07:21
Hello. As title, I'm finally getting round to bringing my 1200 to tge shape I want it in.

So, I want:

RAM. I have a blizzard 1230 mk IV, believe it can take 128mb, so ideally would want one of those, but only if you can guarantee it'll fit. I'll settle for 64mb.

3.1 ROMs

cdtv keyboard, I'd like to spray her matte black y'see.

Goliath powersupply

a decent and responsive mouse, my current one is pants.

I think there's other stuff, but it's too early to think properly! I'll update as I remember.

I'm on a budget, so cheap as you like fellas!


29th December 2009, 08:32
Hi from anouther Steve in Kent!

There were some 64mb simms for sale on here a while back, if you cant find a 128mb he might have one left:


Enjoy pimping your A1200 I've had the same bug as of late...

29th December 2009, 11:17
Many thanks, I shall drop him a line!

29th December 2009, 15:57
For the mouse part, I recommend you a replacement one from Amigakit. White (http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=174&currency=GBP&lcsid=dd761f8bac585c5ba8fc71f82561997e), the black flavour is currently out of stock.

If you want a ball-less one, buy any PS/2 full optical and then the Cocolino (http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=88) adapter. This will bring wheel and more than 2 buttons to your Amiga experience. Notice the Cocolino will not fit directly into the A600 mouse port, if you have one.

29th December 2009, 16:02

The A600 has a different mouse port from other Amigas?

29th December 2009, 16:23
LOL! Actually, the Cocolino Adapter is shaped so that it will not physically connect to the A600 because the of molded plastic on the A600 body that surrounds the mouse port. I ran into this issue using a similar adapter on my Commodore 128.

Take care,


29th December 2009, 16:44
Tell that to understand. :huh:

Kin Hell
29th December 2009, 16:50
@ Phantom

The shape & design of the cramped A600 is such, the Cocolino adapter will not physically fit into the A600 Mouse port, because the A600 Plastics get in the way. ;)


29th December 2009, 18:18
Yeah, what he said. :wink:


29th December 2009, 20:22
Explaining a bit better: the mouse/joystick ports of the A600 are recessed, meaning anything who have "ears" to screw securely into their will be blocked.

Only connectors without "ears" will fit directly. Or you need to make an extension...

29th December 2009, 22:04
I have an HP 128mb SIMM somewhere, I'll measure it 4 ya.