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31st December 2009, 00:49
Hi Folks,
Happy new year to all.:thumbsup:
I recently fell on the ice and broke a bone in my back and my wrist. (mouse hand too!) my dragon, not to be outdone fell ( not pushed!) out of the front door (?) and broke her ankle. It's like a care home here with no staff.....at least we can play zimmer frames at dawn......
Anyway I digress, Can any of you remember a game , amiga, like elite but not, where you could fly and fight a space fighter a la star wars, also I think there was an option to man a turret laser cannon and shoot baddies coming at you. Sketchy details I know. :nuts:
I can't remember the name of the game... Over time, 20 years, 2 games might of fused into one memory.
Any suggestions welcome.

31st December 2009, 04:23

31st December 2009, 14:07
Hmmm, Wing Commander was cool. But I can't recall any laser turrets there.

31st December 2009, 14:10
Wanderer 3D?

31st December 2009, 15:40
Epic? or Star Crusader?

don't remember the turrets though

sorry to hear about your injuries

3rd January 2010, 13:58
Thanks again people! I shall load up the suggested games and try to exercise memory. More exercise for Amigakit's excellent EASY ADF - brilliant bit of kit, if you havn't got one get one!!
The turrets memory might be symptom of rose coloured multi computer Gaming memory (C64, Spectrum(!!) and Amiga) syndrome developed over 28 years of on and off gaming!
It wasn't Elite I'm sure, asked the audence and rang a friend.

3rd January 2010, 18:25
So did you find what game it was?

3rd January 2010, 21:47
OK, could it be....

Federation of Free Traders (F.O.F.T)
Wing Commander
Tau Ceti II: Academy

I'll have a dig through my lists and see if I can think of any more.

4th January 2010, 15:01
still working through the lists, got hooked on (off topic) - ZAXXON!!! found while searching..... no hires graphics, no memory problems just a playable addictive game, sometimes the simple pleasures are the best!!
Have tried EPIC, hey it not bad, remember I'm on a journey of discovery here!
I will get back on quest when I beat level 4, Musca - more space ship fighting....
Ongoing....the force is with me....

Will get back -promise...

4th January 2010, 16:24
Zaxxon? :-D

I had this back in 1990 when I had a Schneider Euro PC with CGA... LOL...

4th January 2010, 23:01
Zaxxon, It's a bit like the difference between a fat girl and honda 50, both great fun to ride but you would'nt like your friends to see you doing it!.........LOL!
Still looking and playing

13th January 2010, 09:58
LOL, Did you find out what game it is?

13th January 2010, 12:51
Hi Arnjot,
No - I'm still playing through the list of "supplied" suggestions....thanks men!
I still, cannot for the life of me, remember where that memory of THAT game came from!
Thanks for all the mental (?) energy expended, people. At least I'm kept busy in RETROLAND in the meantime....Happy as a pig in sh*T!
Anyone for ZAXXON?