View Full Version : Indivision AGA 4000/Sound issues??

31st December 2009, 16:27
Hello...I have an issue.. For Christmas I got an Indivision AGA 4000. Last night I installed it and everything worked great. I played Agony, Cannon Fodder, Eswat, Zool, and then loaded up It Came From the Desert and there was no sound. I turned the A4000 off and back on and now I no longer have sound. If I turn the volume all the way up I here static whenever there is supposed to be sound. I can also hear the HDD access through the speakers. Can anyone direct me on WTF is happening? :)


P.S. I haven't tried reseating the Indivision yet. I am not even sure the Indivision has anything to do with it. May be a coincidence.

31st December 2009, 16:39
Your caps are either dead, or reseat PAULA/replace her

31st December 2009, 16:46
Dry caps are the most usual case.

31st December 2009, 16:48
A4000's Paula is a soldered SMD chip.

I bet in capacitors. But can be the op-amp burned out (magic smoke).