View Full Version : Closed Blizzard PPC in lowest config: 040LC@25MHz PPC@160MHz no SCSI

2nd January 2010, 06:19
I'm looking for card in above mentioned config.
I would like to test possibility to change the PPC processor to 300MHz version.
Europe vendors preferred.
Regards, Stan

7th January 2010, 00:13
Do you realize you will need:

BGA rework/reballing station
The actual 603e
A 100mhz crystal (iirc)

I think Efunzine has one for sale on their site, you should inquire with him since he too is in Poland

7th January 2010, 07:37
Yes I know this (I'm an electronic engineer).
My plan is to make this upgrade by my own.
And 100MHz oscillator is not necessary (in fact all oscillators above 66,667MHz are useless for PPC part).