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7th May 2008, 01:41
hi i need a help key and spring for a 500 keyboard any one help me

thanks james

7th May 2008, 01:50
would one from an A1200 do ?

7th May 2008, 08:59
if it will fit plz.

how much ?

thanks james

7th May 2008, 10:27
There are two kind of springs for Amiga keyboards and both can be used as far as i know. One is a rubber spring while the other is a normal spring.. But if the Help key is the same i cant really answer as i don't know if they are the same size but i would imagine they are.. Anyways if Zetr0 cant help you out i have a spare A500 keyboard home (cant get to it for 2 weeks) I would gladly send you "any key" then.

7th May 2008, 12:29

indeed, there interchangeable :) as are the rubber returns and springs. :D

the price to you m8, is as always hardware pr0n of its installation :D

PM me your deets m8y.

8th May 2008, 00:59
i looked at the key thats came off and theres a bit of black plastic on it. it looks like its snaped off in side the key board i will take a pic i taken off my 1200 one and theres no black bit on there

any ideas or just a new keyboard

thanks james

8th May 2008, 01:22
there is a better part of 20 screws holding the back of the keyboard to the plastic board.

from the sounds of it you need the stalk, the key and the spring / rubber return for the help key :)... i can do that...

for a closer look on a keyboard... http://www.guildserver.co.uk/projects/m ... temId=1619 (http://www.guildserver.co.uk/projects/main.php?g2_itemId=1619)

8th May 2008, 01:42
thanks i will pm you my deeds and take pics of the op when i do it if i dont mess up lol


8th May 2008, 02:12
no worries James

PM'ery has been replied post them in the morning :D

13th May 2008, 13:53
hi zetr0

the help came today thanks fitted no problem iv got some h/w pr0n.
what is every one using to up load to the web?

thanks james

13th May 2008, 13:58
I'm using a DSL router... :D

(If you can see an "Upload attachment" section beneath your "Post a reply" form, then you could try that.)

14th May 2008, 21:51
ok i think i can do the pics now

heres the 500 in need of a help key some one try glue to fix it be for

the load of screws to undo and for me to lose some

then after 34ish screws i got it apart

then the new stork in place (see the white one)

then back together did'nt lose any screws

14th May 2008, 21:53

iv left it out to sort out rom chip but i think i just going to put it back as normal

thanks zetr0 for the key

15th May 2008, 00:08
Awesome stuff!!!!

Thanks very much for the hardware pr0n :D